"The Judo Fighter" Jenner Sky

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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"The Judo Fighter" Jenner Sky

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Ring-name: The Judo Fighter
Name: Jenner Sky
Nationality: British
Age: 23
Weight: 165 lb
Hight: 5'7
Foot Size 7 UK
Measurements: 36-28-39
Medical Notes: Appears to be suffering from a split personality, one side is nice and not as confident in her ability also most times hard to get in a hentai match but the other is almost a polar opposite.
Alignment: Face/Heel
Entrance Music: Babymetal - karate
Relationships Status: Open Relationship thou primary belongs to Jem Holland

Past Training:10th-degree black belt in judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with some basic kickboxing also still learning Taekwondo

Matches kind:Street fight,cage fight,wrestling match,may try hentai fight and handicap

Jenner will do all she can to bring the fight down to the canvas where she is best suited for her Judo/Submission wrestling she will use her Muay Thai skills to keep any fighter at bay until finding the right moment to best use her Aikido skills ensure the fight move to the ground.

Common Finishers:
Rear Naked Choke
Jenner grabs the other fighter from behind in a choke hold pulling them to the ground wrapping her legs around their body keeping a stronghold until there submit or pass out.

Cross Leg Foot Choke
Jenner will get other fighter and sits on their back grabbing their arms and crossing her legs around them as well using her feet around there neck to choke them until they submit or pass out cold.

Straddling Knee Lock {She learned this from watching Makoto Aihara}
A hold that utilizes Jenner's submission abilities. First, she sits on her supine opponent's right side. Jenner then wraps both of her legs around her opponent's right leg and pulls them outwardly to the side. At the same time, Jenner wraps her arms around her opponent's left thigh and pulls it outwardly to the side, while bringing their lower leg inward. As a result, both legs are split and twisted through torsion.

K.O. Finishers:

Hanging Belt Choke
She gets behind the fighter taking her belt off followed by cross tying it around the neck then she will stands back to back hanging onto the belt pulling herself upside down placing her legs under the fighter's arms and locking her feet around the back of the neck like an inverted Full Nelson waiting until they fall out cold this leaves no room for them to submit.

Jenner is a hard-working student of Martial Arts she is always training hard and trying to improve on her skills as well as gaining new skills thou she is a fun-loving girl who enjoys her downtime when she can get it.

As a young student at college she has always been into Martial arts and other forms of hand-to-hand combat as a hobbys this was a great way to relax from busy lifestyle thou she soon founds herself with no time to train due to work and college, Soon Jenner found the stress getting to her some of the friends had invited her out to see if they could help her relax and work it out with plan thou as fate had it Jenner had bumped into Shego Wolf a fighter from the world of LAW they had started talking at the bar Shego had suggested that with Jenner background in Martial Arts she should come to one of the tryouts, sometime after Jenner lost her job she diced to try out for LAW and see where that would take her.

Jenner Sky Fight Look Art credit to dōgi
-> Sometimes Jenner will also wear MMA gloves and foot guards sponsored by "Hardstrike Fight"<-
Jenner Erotic Style
Training In Her Martial arts
Reading Supernatural crime books
Gaming thou she loses to Jem Holland a lot lucky for her she like Jem a lot too.
Makoto Aihara

Cheaters are about the only thing there is not much at all Jenner really hates.

Wins: 1
MMA Cage Fight - Sonja Kralj vs Jenner Sky - Winner Jenner Sky via Forced Tap out.

Losses: 1
Minerva Cartmill Vs Jenner Sky - Schooling The Rookie - via Smother KO

Draws: 0

Shego Wolf
Jem Holland

Jem Holland
Karin Shin

Shego Wolf

Vanessa Jones - The Sadistic Student
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