La Gato Infernal

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La Gato Infernal

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Name: La Gato Infernal

Real Name: Monica Tassis Garcia

Age: 27

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'4

Weight: 126

Alignment: Heel

Nationality: Mexican

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Entrance Music:
Seductive, manipulative, predatory, and opportunistic. La Gato Infernal is a hedonist with a lack of morals and a marked tendency to seek vengeance when denied.
Part 1
Monica Tassis Garcia experienced a very privileged, prosperous upbringing: Coming from money, with parents who weren't always present but were very loving nonetheless, top quality education, plenty of friends...She wanted for nothing, aside from excitement. And she would always be on the search for the next thing: The new boyfriend, girlfriend, a vacation at this hot spot or the other...

The adrenaline seeker inside would lead her to a few years in MMA, where she would do better than expected of a bored, spoiled rich girl. Monica took her training seriously (she wasn't looking to lose her good looks, after all), and although it wouldn't take her all the way to championship gold, she would still work out a nice win-loss record before she eventually retired from the sport to start a career as a dominatrix/pornographic actress, with the UAFC Middleweight champion being her very first client. This would be done as the masked Gato Infernal due to her parents' strange sensibilities: They could get past her potentially getting beaten into the ground inside a cage, but God forbid she produces videos of her sexual encounters.

Eventually, she would find a client in one Juventud Emperador, who was a big name in Lucha Libre Erotica. Monica had more of a passing interest in professional wrestling; it was something she'd watch if it happened to be on when she was scrolling through the cable guide, but after competing in MMA, she didn't feel the desire to step into the squared circle. That is, until she sat at ringside to see him compete.

As punishment for getting uppity during their last session, he had to insert a vibrating butt plug inside of himself and wrestle his next match with it, all the while she had the remote that would make it go off whenever she pleased. Having never heard of sexfighting beforehand, she expected a match where he and his female opponent would just be wearing attire more revealing than normal, maybe getting a little more hands-on than a wrestling match would typically entail. But no, what she saw instead was an entrancing mixture of grappling, sex, and violence.

And somehow, Juventud would pull off a win. But that was okay: While he celebrated, she turned the plug up to its highest setting and kept it vibrating until he was on the mat, twitching in a puddle of his own cum. A few days afterwards, she asked him how she could get in on the action. After making a few calls, he got her set up to learn the ways of sexual Lucha Libre under La Tortura, a legend in Mexican sexfighting who was known for the masterful mixture of pleasure and pain that she brought to rings across the country, legitimizing the sport in the eyes of the public.

La Gato Infernal took to her teachings like a fish to water. It was exactly what she wanted to do in the ring herself. The one and only problem, the one that ruined the whole thing? La Tortura's niece, La Ogresa. Estefania Cespedez Munoz.

There was nothing wrong with Estefania herself. On the contrary, she was perfect: Well-built, both athletically and in regards to the pleasant surprise she had in between her legs. Eager to please. And having just turned eighteen with no prior experience, she was like a sponge, just waiting to soak up knowledge. About sex, about love, about life in general. And Monica was the one that she wanted to learn from.

Estefania was smitten, eating out of the palm of her hand without a second thought. And whatever doubts were raised, whatever pushback there was to what she wanted -- like the talk they had about that 'exclusivity outside of the ring' nonsense, for example -- would be handled with ease.

When the pair made the switch from casual sex to being in a relationship, Ogresa wanted to tell the world. Gato was quick to shut that down, telling her that the seven years they had between them would keep others from seeing theirs as the "budding love" it was. In particular, she didn't want to risk La Tortura turning her away before she learned everything that she had to teach. Fortunately, Ogresa happened to like the thought of participating in a secret love affair.

La Tortura was a sharp woman, however. Gato was pleasant in most interactions, but there were these little things here and there that hinted at the emotional manipulator she really is (not that she liked the idea of her getting involved with someone seven years her senior in the first place). She had no concrete proof, but she warned her niece nonetheless, having seen the way Ogresa eyed her. She didn't want her getting too close to her.

When Ogresa listed her positives in an attempt to win her over, Tortura knew that something was going on. After the next day's lesson, she would pull Gato aside to speak with her in private. Not to confront her; she knew that she would only be lied to. The lie itself was what she wanted. She wanted to see the Hellcat standing there, lying right in her face about how she would never betray her generosity in such a manner, after Tortura alluded to Ogresa's crush and the possibility that the girl would pursue it.

Later on down the line, she would catch the two of them together, just as she knew she would. It started with her learning about the where when Ogresa stepped outside to make a call during a visit -- her love of Gato's voice served her well that evening. The two were to meet at a love hotel.

After informing Ogresa's parents of what their daughter was up to, she followed her there, commanded her to wait at the entrance, and after confiscating her phone so she couldn't warn her, continued on to the confront Gato. Thanks to her connection to the hotel's owner, who was a manager during Tortura's competitive days (during which she would have a handful of matches there, making it a famous spot), she would go unbothered on the way to and from the room that was booked for the two. After Gato opened the door, Tortura would stand there silently, allowing her a few seconds to try to lie to her again.

She couldn't. And she knew she couldn't.

Gato would then be lifted onto Tortura's shoulders and given a painful demonstration of La Tortura Lock.

Fortunately for her, Ogresa would come to her rescue. She couldn't bring herself to attack family, but she would pull Gato from her grasp. At the peak of the argument that ensued, Ogresa would be presented with a choice: With Gato no longer welcome as a student, she could either stay there with her and be disowned or go home with her mother, never to see her again.

In that moment, La Tortura had made herself La Gato Infernal's enemy. Her relationships end when she says they do!

Some quick thinking brought her to a means to get back at her. During Ogresa's moment of hesitation, she told her to go with her aunt. To go home. Playing the part of the graceful loser, she told her that it would be better that way, and that she'd always be in her heart. Tortura knew it was an act, but that didn't matter. Ogresa was won over, but the choice wasn't left up to her. Gato walked -- limped -- away.
Part 2
La Gato Infernal put her plan into motion the following month, bribing a fellow trainee and using him as a middleman to resume communication with her and set up meetings. With this method, Gato killed two birds with one stone: Although they were spending less time together for the time being, their relationship would continue, and through La Ogresa, so would her training.

It wasn't perfect: Ogresa did quite well for a woman her size, but still found herself struggling with a few moves that required a high level of agility. Gato in turn, had a problem with power moves. As they helped each other work past these weaknesses, an idea would make its way to the forefront of her mind: Competing as a tag team.

And coming out to the world as a couple, just as Ogresa wanted. It would be a grave insult to La Tortura, absorbing all the knowledge that she had to offer and using it to climb all the way to the top with her niece in tow. And this time, she wouldn't let her go. Ogresa didn't want to go. She was the type who fell hard, so hard that no one else could tell her anything.


Ogresa would be given that ultimatum again. And again, she would go home.

That is to say this time, out of her parents' and into Gato's. She would play the role of the poor set upon lover who wanted nothing more than to make peace with her family, but she was grinning on the inside. One way or another, sooner or later, La Gato Infernal -- Monica Tassis Garcia -- always gets what she wants.

The couple, going by the tag team name "Las Coleccionistas de Huesos" (The Bone Collectors), would become infamous in Lucha Libre Erotica for their brutal submissions and how they would often take advantage of defeated opponents even after the conclusion of matches that were completely vanilla, leaving their humiliating mark with forced orgasms on the occasions where they didn't use said opponents' broken bodies to sate themselves.

It was a practice that La Ogresa didn't partake in at first, but after it had been done to her a couple times, she lost that sense of goodness that held her back. The first time, the two would be too beaten down to pay the futanari duo back. But the second time, Gato would avenge her by snapping their dicks when they turned to her for some double penetration action. And later, Ogresa would avenge herself, albeit against opponents who did nothing to them.

It was then that she really started considering what Gato had told her when she questioned her actions: That this was what they and every other wrestler in Lucha Libre Erotica signed up for at the end of the day. They all knew the risks, and because of that, they might as well partake. And because they were a strong unit, it was as simple as this: The others were there for their pleasure.

La Ogresa took those words to heart, and their team became even stronger for it. They seemed to be well on their way to championship gold, but before they could challenge for the titles, they would be visited by a less scrupulous recruiter for LAW who was a huge fan of their erotic viciousness.

He didn't have to do much convincing. After all, they would be going from fucking the hottest wrestlers that Mexico had to offer to fucking the hottest wrestlers that the world had to offer.
Preferred Matches: Submission matches, Hardstyle Hentai, Resistencia Erotica, Hentai against opponents with penises in general, is interested in MMA matches.

La Gato Infernal utilizes a combination of Monica's prior Mixed Martial Arts training with a Lucha Libre style that has a focus on submissions. As she can't handle too many hard hits, she prefers to do her striking at a distance or counter the opponent, and where grappling is concerned, she likes to use her superior technique to keep them under control so she can wear them down for the submission finish. She's double-jointed and flexible, and thusly less susceptible to submission holds herself. She also possesses immense sex appeal that she's not afraid utilize, whether the focus be on the opponent or an official to work out an advantage.

And speaking of sex, Gato has a pair of absolutely deadly holes. Countless hours of kegel exercises have given her complete control of her vaginal and anal muscles, which are strong enough to trap anything put inside of her with ease. Her opponent would do well not to anger her at this point: It's all too easy for her to flex the right muscles, and...


When her goal is to please, however, it won't take long to see why they say she has the best pussy/ass in Mexico (and if she has her way, the world). But with that said, it's a rare sight for her to focus entirely on the opponent's pleasure; she loves to bring pain into the mix.
Specialty Stipulation #1:
Resistencia Erotica Rules
Lucha Libre Erotica's version of a Hardstyle Hentai match. A match with Resistencia Erotica rules is contested in the same manner as a Standard match up until a pinfall or submission is scored, at which point the competitor who scored the pinfall/submission is allowed a certain amount of time to pleasure their opponent, who cannot resist until the allotted time has passed. Once it has, the match resumes. This continues until an orgasm is scored.
Specialty Stipulation #2:
Pussy/Anal Lovers Rules
A match with Pussy/Anal Lovers rules is simple, with orgasms being scored only through penetrative vaginal/anal sex.

Is available for use by anyone.
Specialty Match:
Infernal Ecstasy Match
An Infernal Ecstasy match is a no disqualification Ironperson Resistencia Erotica bout with a special stipulation based around submissions: If the opponent taps out or give a verbal submission three times during the Standard portions of the match, they become the victor's POW until they choose to release them. Resisting during the Pleasure Period counts as such a submission, resets the Pleasure Period timer, and gives the victor of the round twice the original time to score an orgasm.

For example, say the match is supposed to go on for thirty minutes. Wrestler #1 scores a pinfall ten minutes in. The Pleasure Period is two minutes. After those two minutes are up, there will still be twenty minutes left on the clock when the Standard action resumes.
during the Pleasure Period.
Attitude Towards Hentai Matches: "Get your body ready. They call me 'The Hellcat' for a reason."
Signature and Finishing Moves
Signature Moves
Sweet Star Hurricanrana
Bronco Buster

There's also another variant for when the opponent is caught in the ropes.
Best Seat In The House
Arm Capture & Kick
La Tortura Stretch

Gato may also fondle and/or play with her opponent's pussy/cock.
Mindscrew Bash

She sometimes performs this move with the opponent facing the other way, putting her crotch in their face as she bashes their head into the mat.
Wishbone Stretch
Split-Legged Foot Choke
Hentai Signature Moves
Trap Handjob
Has the reach and dexterity to finger women too.
Ankle Hold Footjob
A favorite for Humiliation and Reverse Hentai matches, or just as something to get herself nice and wet for her opponent in a regular Hentai bout.
Finishing Moves
Infernal Armbar
Infernal Gullotine
Inferna Clutch
Fallen Angel
Somersault Dropkick
Torbellino Romantico (aka Whirlwind Romance)

Just like a cat, La Gato Infernal tends to land on her feet when using this move.
Ankle Lock
Hentai Finishing Moves
Rear Naked Footjob
Headscissor Handjob
Venus Cock Trap
After devoting countless hours to kegel exercises, La Gato Infernal has obtained some very, very well developed vaginal and anal muscles. The hold on the opponent's wrists and the legs around their waist is just her being thorough: The moment their dick goes inside of her, they are at her mercy, with any flex being plenty capable of making the experience heavenly or hellish in a second flat. Also has a second variant.
Hellcatgirl Style
Critical Finishing Moves
Gato Infernal Special

Gato cranks the opponent's neck while also smothering them with her tits. She can also use the Dragon Sleeper form of this hold, a variant that is named "La Tortura Special", and is a Critical Finishing Move with the potential for Hentai adjustments (fondling the opponent's breasts, fingering them/jerking them off, etc).
Infernal Package
When La Gato Infernal really wants to torture her opponent, this is what she busts out. The opponent's only options aside from passing out are a verbal submission or hoping and praying that she's merciful enough to let their shoulders stay on the mat long enough for the referee to count to three, which she will constantly tease them with.
Critical Hentai Finishing Moves
Inferna Cowgirl
Making maximum use of her well-trained vaginal/anal muscles, La Gato Infernal pounds her opponent into submission while she's on top. Who said you had to be eight feet tall and built like a brick shithouse to give good snu snu?
Picture Purrfect
This is what an opponent gets when she's feeling merciful, or if she likes them. There's not much roughness about his, with her using her vaginal/anal muscles to squeeze the cum out of her opponent as pleasantly as she can.
Jennifer Martin as Dexter's Computer (when it had a voice change)







- La Ogresa
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