Bernadette "The Bomb" Nobel

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Bernadette "The Bomb" Nobel

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Name: Bernadette "The Bomb" Nobel
Age: 23
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 165lbs
Alignment: Heel
Nationality: American
Preferred matches: Trio, Tag, Last Woman Standing, No DQ, Handicap (Though only when it's in her favour)

Bernadette with her teammates
Fighting Style:
Bernadette's fighting style as a wrestler is defined by her ability to throw foes all around the ring with the impact of an explosion, tossing them overhead and driving them into the mat until they can't fight back anymore. She believes that throws and slams are what wrestling is all about, as far as she's concerned the fans don't watch wrestling to see people do flips or grapple on the mat, so she has mastered the art of wrestling throws. She can throw her foes from numerous positions, she can get out of pretty much any situation she finds herself in by throwing or slamming her way out of it, even using throws to counter other throws. Her speciality in throws is helped by her great physical strength for her size that allows her easily lift most girls on the roster. This combined with the fact that she is quite large for a middleweight makes her very strong for her weight class.

Though as dangerous as the girl can be she is not without weakness. While she is very strong and very adept at using throws and slams she stubbornly refuses to use other methods to beat her foes, which makes her quite a one trick pony. She never ever relies on aerial moves or submissions, and will only use strikes to set her opponent up for a throw. A smart and skilled enough opponent can take advantage of this, provided they aren't overwhelmed by her raw power. In addition to this her reliance on being able to pick up and toss her foes puts her at a significant disadvantage against anyone with a large size advantage over her. Though if she feels she is at enough of a disadvantage, or she just doesn't like her foe, she is more than happy to cheat and rely on her allies to win.

Signature moves:

Drop the Bomb: A Pop-up Powerbomb that Bernadette has dubbed "Drop the Bomb" for how suddenly the victim is dropped, and how explosive the impact is. She uses this either by rebounding the victim off the ropes, getting one of her teammates to throw the victim towards her or as a counter to a charging opponent. While she doesn't consider it to be her finisher it is still easily capable of ending a match, especially when the victim is blind-sided by it.
Fire in the hole: A Deadlift German Suplex that Bernadette uses to keep up the pressure against downed opponents. Can be held for a pinfall or combo'd into another move. Can also be used in combination with one of her teammates moves to really bring the pain.


Napalm Driver: Bernadette's ultimate move, a Spinning Modified Michinoku Driver that she will use if she wants to be absolutely certain that her opponent won't get up afterwards. It is quite rarely used in favour of her signatures or tag team moves, but when she does use it it is utterly devastating for the victim.

Whenever Bernadette enters a room she will make sure that she has the most explosive presence, always loud and boisterous to a fault this heel will make sure you can't ignore her even if you try to. She believes herself to be the biggest and baddest heel out there, and the second she steps into the ring she makes it her mission to make sure everyone else knows so to, whether they be a casual viewer in the audience or the woman she is facing off against. To this end she is hyper aggressive when she wrestles, treating every opponent as if she is looking to completely annihilate them and screaming like an enraged beast as she does so. This may make her seem like little more than a stupid brute, but in truth she is actually a very cunning and manipulative woman whose ability to turn situations in her favour borders on tactical genius, but if people take her behaviour at face value and underestimate her because of it then she is more than happy to keep them in the dark.

Though there is far more to the young woman than meets the eye, more than the average wrestling fan will ever know. If ones opinion was formed on the woman based on how she acts in the ring then they would be quite surprised to find that once she is outside of a wrestling environment she is quite chilled out and normal. This is the true Bernadette, a calm and collected woman whose almost barbaric heel-like tendencies are an act to become what she believes to be the ideal wrestling heel. In her opinion the most important aspect of wrestling is the dichotomy between faces and heels, without it she believes that wrestling would just not have the entertainment value that makes it the titan of a combat sport it is. In other words she believes that wrestling needs heels, and so she aspires to be the best heel she can be and created an in-ring persona to achieve this goal.

Though she is cruel to most in the world of wrestling there are two noticeable exceptions to this rule; her teammates Annabelle and Candice. As their leader it is her responsibility to rein in the more problematic personality traits of the two so that they don't become a liability in their matches, a task that gives the raven-haired woman a headache and a half! Though despite this she is actually quite fond of the two beyond just their roles in the team, considering them both to be quite close friends even outside the ring who she cares for to the point where she is almost a big sister to the two women. Though if you think she is soft because of this you will be sorely disappointed, as she commands the two of them like a military drill Sargent in the ring, working them to the bone in order to achieve their goal of total domination.

Ever since she was a young girl Bernadette has been a fan of professional wrestling, watching it all the time with her friends and family and talking the ears off of whoever was willing to listen to her talking about it. But unlike her peers who would cheer whenever the good guys won Bernadette would cheer for the heels; women like Dana Ashford or Cyber Widow who knew what they wanted and never hesitated to do whatever it takes to get it. Bernadette always thought this made them extremely cool, and would cheer whenever they blindsided some stupid face and stole a win from them with illegal tactics. But eventually as she grew older she decided that it wasn't enough to just admire them, she wanted to become them!

From then on Bernadette's goal was to become a professional wrestler and gain fame as an infamous heel! She took wrestling lessons in High-school and started hitting the gym so that she could become a strong powerhouse wrestler; high flying moves and grappling was all well and good to the girl but as far as she was concerned Powerbombs and Suplexes were the main draw of wrestling. As she trained she would also begin to work on her heel persona, joining her schools drama club to work on her acting ability while also practising her persona during sparring matches. This worked wonders for her development as a wrestler, though it did make her somewhat of a social outcast for the rest of her time at High School.

After graduating from High School Bernadette would waste no time in beginning her wrestling career, signing up to a local indie league and making a name for herself. As her skills grew and she became more popular Bernadette would travel the country to wrestle, her explosive power and even more explosive personality earning her the fan-dubbed title "The Bomb". She gained a reputation as a noteworthy up-and coming heel, which ended up catching the attention of an, at the time, up-and coming face by the name of Candice Edison.

Bernadette and Candice's first match was a relatively simple and low-key affair, a standard mid-card match between two noteable rookies, but it would be the start of a huge rivalry between the two. Bernadette won by a hair, though only because she was able to sneak in a low blow to set up one of her bigger attacks, angering the face and igniting a desire to get back at her. Over the next few years the two of them would clash several times, and though Candice fought hard she lost more often than she won thanks to Bernadette's heel tactics; the two were fairy equally matched in terms of their fighting skills but since Bernadette was so skilled at bending the rules she was able to gain the advantage and win more often than not.

This fact frustrated Candice to no end, and over time she would start to fight more violently and bend the rules more often in the hopes of bridging the gap between her and her rival. It worked and the battles between them became a lot more equal, but as a result of its success Candice started to rely on those types of tactics much more against other opponents, slowly starting to act less and less like a face. This greatly pleased Bernadette, who believed that Candice had the makings of a great heel after fighting against the woman so often and seeing how she could act when she was enraged, so she decided that she would keep hammering away at Candice until her rival eventually gave in to her inner urges and became a heel.

Unfortunately the rivalry between the two would end without a conclusive victor as Candice would leave for reasons unknown to Bernadette, somewhat disappointing the heel as she wanted to see their conflict through to the end. Though not long later Bernadette would hear that after a humiliating loss her formal rival Candice had become a heel herself, much to Bernadette’s delight. She wanted to find out more of this and see this new side of her rival, but soon after her heel turn Candice would actually leave the country to go wrestle in Japan; seemingly to never see Bernadette again.

For a while Bernadette would fall into quite a slump as she felt an unusual feeling of emptiness without a rival to fight, she’d still win for the most part but she was finding it hard to get passionate now that she had so suddenly lost a huge motivation. This would last until the young woman found a new person that interested her; an unusual pink haired woman by the name of Annabelle Valentine. The woman was a heel who was infamous for her love of picking on smaller opponents so Bernadette had heard of her, but she didn't think that the heavyweight had anything to do with her so she paid her no mind.

So naturally she was surprised when Annabelle cornered her one day at a gym and requested rather insistently that they worked out together, and since she saw no real reason to say no and found the heavyweight to be rather intriguing anyway Bernadette would accept. Though Bernadette had assumed this was a one-time deal Annabelle would keep pestering her to spend time training together, and though she found the girl's forwardness to be unusual she would still agree every time since ultimately she had nothing to lose from accepting. Over time Bernadette would come to think of Annabelle as a rare friend, albeit a friend who had a tendency to damn near break her spine with her bearhugs when they sparred. Eventually Annabelle would reveal her true intentions: she wanted to form a tag team with Bernadette. She refused on the spot, but Annabelle did not give up.

Later on Bernadette would receive an offer from LAW to join their roster, the very same roster that her former rival Candice had joined not too long ago. Eager to meet her rival again Bernadette would instantly accept, saying goodbye to Annabelle and her family before moving to Japan! Though a few days after settling in to her new home she would hear a ring on her doorbell and when she answered it she discovered that Annabelle had followed her to Japan! Given the choice between accepting the woman into her home or forcing her to live on the streets Bernadette would allow Annabelle to move in with her.

Once Bernadette was officially a member of LAW her first order of business was reaching out to her former rival Candice to ask her to form a tag team. At first the woman was reluctant, almost violently so if not for Bernadette bringing Annabelle along for security, but with a few beers in her system to settle her down and seal the deal Candice would agree to team up. But since Annabelle had heard the whole thing there was no way Bernadette couldn't get away with not including her, so Bernadette's attempts to form a tag team would end up with her forming a trio: The Harbingers!

Now Bernadette is waiting to make her debut, both as a solo member of the LAW middleweight roster and as the leader of The Harbingers!
-She is a closeted anime fan. Her favourite genres are romance and slice of life. Doesn't care for action shows.
-Greatly admires and idolises a lot of classic heels, and would go into complete fangirl mode if she ever got the chance to meet them. This admiration doesn't mean she'll give them special treatment in the ring though.
-Her natural weight would put her in the heavyweight division, but she lost some weight so that she can be one of the biggest middleweights instead of a small heavyweight.
-Likes include wrestling heels, anime, acting intense, any kind of spicy food, Annabelle and Candice.
-Dislikes include boring people, being treated like a weirdo, mild or flavourless food, Mondays and anyone who messes with her or her team.

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