Candice 'Thunderbolt' Edison

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Candice 'Thunderbolt' Edison

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Authors Note
@pikazard gave permission to use the Halbingers Trio so thank you for trusting me with these three
Name: Candice 'Thunderbolt' Edison
Age: 25
Hair Color: Light Green
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'10
Weight: 161 pounds

Close up
Alignment: Heel
Nationality: American
Fighting Style: Like the natural phenomenon she was named for Candice strikes fast and hits hard. She beats her foe down with fast strikes and quick aerial manoeuvres while running circles around her opponent, never staying still for longer than a few seconds if she can't help it. Once they are weak enough Candice will usually try to finish them off with a high impact move, or try to torture them with a painful submission if she is angry enough.
Preferred matches: Hardcore, no DQ, weapons. Basically the less likely she is to be disqualified for getting violent the better. Is not down for softcore or lewd stuff, that's not what she's here for.

Signature moves:
Lightning heel- Starting with a run up Candice will strike her opponent with a spinning heel kick to the face.
Shock therapy- Candice will grab a stunned standing opponent by the crotch and dig their fingers in, torturing them with with a testicular claw. This move is used more to wear the victim down and inflict suffering upon them, rather than being done to bring Candice closer to winning.

Thunderstruck- Starting from the top rope Candice performs a Moonsault leg drop against a downed opponent
Superbolt- Lifting the victim up onto her shoulders Candice performs an Electric Chair Facebuster, smashing them face first against the mat.
Candice is a cruel, cold-hearted woman who feels great pleasure from inflicting suffering on others. In other words she is a classic heel. She loves nothing more than to beat down on others through violence and domination, both things she loves doing. She especially loves to beat on babyface jobbers, giving her a not entirely undeserved reputation as a bully, but she justifies it with a "if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen" mentality. Candice can be very quick to anger and when she gets angry she is very quick to resort to violence, wishing to inflict pain on the person who angered her above all else.

After being subjected to painful humiliation in the past Candice seeks to win above all else, she is willing to bend any rule or commit any depraved act if it means being the last one standing, even if winning the fight means losing the match. Because of her obsession with winning she is a very sore loser and is quick to form grudges against those who beat her, even if they won fair and square. Outside of the ring Candice is not quite as aggressive so long as you don't piss her off, though even then she is quite moody and hard to talk to most of the time.

Candice's parents were both famous wrestlers from years ago, though their names are not quite as well recognised today and only old-school wrestling fans still remember them. They met as competitors in the same league and fought many times, developing a fierce rivalry. That rivalry started off intensely competitive, then they started trading flirty banter with each other during matches, then they started hooking up secretly off camera before eventually becoming an official wrestling power couple. After they retired from the ring they got married and had children together.

Once Candice was old enough they started teaching her how to wrestle, hoping that she could eventually follow in their footsteps and become a pro wrestler, and when her younger sister grew older they also began to train her. Despite Candice being five years older than her sister she could not keep up with the young girls raw talent and was soon surpassed by the prodigy. By the time her younger sister turned 11 she could consistently defeat the 16 year old Candice when they sparred, leading to Candice coming to resent her sister. When Candice turned 18 and graduated high school she had grown tired of tapping out to a preteen and left home to wrestle in indie leagues around the USA.

Years later Candice returned home upon finding out that her younger sister had also debuted as a pro wrestler, eager to show how much she had learned and improved while she was gone. She joined the same league as her sister, establishing herself as a major presence and a force to be reckoned with early on. Her success earned her the rematch she always wanted against her sister for a PPV event. Candice was excited, ecstatic even, this right here was what the last five years had been about. Now she was going to show the world that she wasn't the inferior sister.

Then she suffered a one-sided, crushing defeat.

She was beaten so badly that some fans who had paid for the match demanded a refund. This was the most humiliating experience of her life, and one she would never forget. After a failure like this Candice became disillusioned with the value of her efforts, wondering what the last five years had even been for, and started to become bitter and angry as a result. As a result of this she started to become obsessed with winning, slowly caring less about fighting fair or acting respectfully and starting to shift much more towards the attitude of a heel. Her previous fans were not happy with this change and started to support her less, until eventually her fans had all but abandoned her.

No longer feeling welcome in America Candice started to look elsewhere for the future of her wrestling career. Eventually she moved to Japan and started wrestling there, soon developing some notoriety as an infamous heel with a solid hatedom, as well as a somewhat more niche fan base who enjoyed her dominating personality. This reputation caught the attention of LAW management, who offered an invitation to join the LAW roster. She accepted, seeing a chance to make it big and really put her name on the map, not to mention knock some bitches out along the way. Or that's how she wished it went. After some time at LAW, she was unfortunately fired why you may ask? It was due to her sadistic behavior she would attack her opponents backstage, it got so bad for the workers backstage they requested her to be out right banned or fired for a certain bit of time. So management made a deal with Candice, if she attended anger management and kept her nose clean, she would be welcome back into LAW. She is still a heel at the end of the day but management told her to tone down her brutality or else she will be banned for life. Now she's making her comeback to LAW with a clean slate and coming back with her best freinds.

*Though you wouldn't think so from the way she acts Candice is a hardcore Disney fan. Watching a nostalgic childhood movie is one of the few things that can put a genuine smile on her face nowadays.
*Naming all her signature moves after lightning or electricity is a habit she picked up from her father.
*She is a lesbian, not that it matters since she's not here to pick up girls.
*Her likes include violence, winning, and winning violently.
*Her dislikes include being beaten, being denied a beatdown and being reminded of her past failures.
*When she's not wrestling or training she can usually be found drinking at some bar or sitting at home watching movies.
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