Gamer Gal - Bong Cha

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Gamer Gal - Bong Cha

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Name: Bong Cha
Age: 20
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blue/Pink
Nationality: South Korea
Twitter handle: @GG_Bong_Queen
Entrance Music:The Living Tombstone - No Mercy

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Use her fast reflexes she earned from being an gamer to her advantage
Style: Underground sex wrestling
Preferred Attacks: Stinkface, Stinger Splash, Smothering her opponents using her tits or ass, headlock,
Preferred Matches:Into pretty much anything within reason


Endurance: 4/5
Strength: 2,5/5
Speed: 4/5

Finishing Moves
Side B
Jumping Hip Attack in action
Lost connection (stinkface)

The Unbram Climax (would first stun her opponent with an double leg drop before forcing their legs open as she would finish them off by tribbing them to an orgasm)
An different way to control an joystick

Enjoying some quality time

Zipping out of my tracksuit

Street clothes
Wrestling Attire


Special attire

Bong Cha can be an bit overwhelming in most situation. As it seems she got endless amounts of energy.

She just can't sit down, but if you can see past that then you will find she friendly, loyal and always up for fun


Bong grew up without anything really happening in her life as the town she was from was rather ordinary. Which absolutely drove her crazy as an child as she wanted excitement an thrill seeking life.

So that left her with one option for her fix, and that was videogames. As she spend every minute of her time when not at class, eating, showering or sleeping in front of an TV screen playing the latest videogame she got her hands on.

Which drove her parents crazy as they were convinced that their daughter was going to end up ruining her life because of her gaming lifestyle.

So when she was 18, and they learned she dropped out they send her to an re-education camp for gamers. Hoping it would turn there daughter into an model citizen. Sadly this would be the last time that they would see Bong alive as she escaped the camp the first chance she got. With no money on her, and needing an place to stay she ended up at what she thought was an abandoned sport gym only to be surprised when it was clean on the inside. However the surprises did not stop their as two weeks later she would wake up to loud moans as she sneaked from the room she bin sleeping to the ring to find woman wrestling each other in ways that they don't usually do on TV. This surprised her, and the gasp she let out lead to the then 18y/o being caught.

Which lead to an answer to her problem as the woman wanted an younger opponent, and she wanted money. So in exchange for money she would face them, and well the first year lose constantly. In the second year she began to improve, and while she never be an great amateur or pro wrestler she was pretty decent at erotic wrestling. However after her second year with the ladies she started to get bored as during her time with this group she had gotten another passion besides videogaming. So taking an risk she decided to try out when Law visited South Korea, and to her surprise they offered her an deal. So here she was to crash everyone's pleasure systems as this girl was going to the top or continue to try until she reached it

Fun Fact:

Never give her an energy drink if you value your life

She is the self proclaimed queen of DDR

Follow me on twitter at @GG_Bong_Queen , and I let you know when I am streaming


LAW Information
Number of matches:
Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Draws: 0

Match History

1 Bong decided to just relax , and have some fun in the nearest Arcade where she would meet someone who become one of her biggest rivals in the company.ongoing
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