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The Priestess

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Basic info:
Name: Illias Theodosiou
Age: 51
Eyes: Green lime
Hair: Chestnut
Height: 6''5
Weight: 240 X pounds
Nationality: Greek
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music:
Character Theme
In Battle theme
Wrestling Information

Break them until they cry

Style: Grappler/Submission
Preferred Attacks:
Priestess Shot:

Reverse gutwrench suplex:


Fly Trap:


Preferred Matches: For now nothing in particular

Finishing Moves:

Hybrid Blaster


Endurance: ★★★★
Strength: ★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Speed: ★★★
Technique: ★★★★



Personality: Illias is usually someone who is charismatic and pleasant, opting to speak casually to almost anyone without going overboard, during combat if his attitude remains the same. But when his opponent is a heel, Illias's attitude changes to that of someone willing to break his opponent's bones by leaving aside the pleasant side.

Past/History: Illias would be born into an orthodox Christian family which would be closely related to the church, so much so that she would be part of the choir of a cathedral while one of her relatives was the bishop of that place. At the age of 16 she would begin a taste for marine study so she would begin to study independently without neglecting her Eucharistic learning.
She 2 years later she would receive a scholarship to study Marine Biology and Cognitive Psychology, her parents would not convince them of the idea in the first instance but would end up giving in. During her study, she would meet for the first time a fight club in which people of all kinds participated. Despite her somewhat reserved personality, she would try to enter, being roundly rejected by the recruiting committee, since in their eyes: "She needed muscle and vigor".
Illias, somewhat saddened, would decide to train in the gymnasiums of her university, she would elaborate a Hypercaloric diet to gain weight and muscle, along with a rigorous training session. At 2 months she Illias would have the weight and musculature according to the standards of the recruiting committee, before knowing if she Illias she would enter she would be tested by a member of the committee with whom she would fight. Illias despite not having extensive knowledge about the fight she would leave the committee impressed since she would use Submission techniques difficult to do for someone who never had a fight before. After a few months Illias would have her first major battle in a demonstration against the one who was at that time the strongest in the club, flattening him, twisting his wrist, breaking his arm and dislocating his shoulder. Illias would be hailed as the strongest in the club, but that would only be the beginning of her.
Illias would enter a winning streak in different tournaments and demonstrations, she managed to graduate undefeated from the university leaving with a master's degree in marine biology and a diploma in cognitive psychology.
Upon returning to her homeland she would enter an Orphanage at the request of her father, for years she would fight in secret since where she fought they gave her a large amount of money and in the orphanage where she was the children were in a difficult situation since there were not enough resources. After 12 years she would discover that said father of that orphanage diverted part of the donations from the orphanage towards his own goods, hearing this news would make her so angry that she would run in rage towards the father who was in full mass with the children and some nuns and she would hit in the face, after this Illias would be excommunicated from the church and her religion in general, she reported this action to the police and found that the father not only diverted donations but also had a pedophile network among other churches. They closed that orphanage but the children were transferred to a safer one with a greater possibility of being adopted. Illias, thanks to his fights, enjoyed more than 3 years of sabbatical until an old acquaintance proposed to him to join a fighting agency, Illias did not think twice and agreed to go, packed suitcases, rented an apartment to live in and bought the ticket to Japan faster.

Fun Fact:
- During his childhood Illias took care of three guppy fish and two turtles which to this day are still alive (the turtles).
-Illias chose a career in cognitive psychology at the request of her mother, she hates that career and her mother knows it.
-Illias can twist her arm 180 °, a trick she discovered during her stay in the US

Friends: Hitomi Rodouko, Pantheon

LAW Information
Number of matches:

Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Draws: 0
Match History
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