Nina Alexander

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Nina Alexander

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Name: Nina Alexander

Age: 19

Hair color: black.

Eye color: blue.

Height: 5'11

Weight: heavyweight

Nationality: haijian/American

Alignment: tweener (though mostly rude)

Theme song:

Wrestling stats[/b]

Nickname: the haijian warrior, the dangerous rebel. Blue bomber, the gothic fighter

Strength : 9.1/10

Agility: 6.4/10

Speed: 6.9/10

Intelligence: 7.3/10

Counter: 6.6/10

Strike: 8.9/10

Powerhouse: 8.9/10

Fighting style: Nina is a powerhouse, she's pretty fast but mostly strong. Also she's good with smothers. But her greatest style is using strength and cheap blows. She will do cheap blows just to piss them off. She will not follow the rules unless it gets her disqualified then she'll follow the rules though she'll just fight harder and more aggressively. And since she's half haijian her skin is somewhat slippery. Though it's not as slippery as a full haijian.

Favorite moves
Cheap blows

Finishing moves

Backbreaking work!: once the oppenent is stunned Nina will first bearhug the opponent to weaken their backs a bit then after a few minutes she'll headbut them and drop them on their back on the mat. Then while they are more stunned Nina will lift them up and drop their backs on her knee.

Gothic wrath!: Nina will knee the oppenets stomach. And then she'll punch their face hard and Shove them on the ground and then jump on top of them and give their faces a flurry of punches to make them tire out. And she'll give one last punch to knock them out entirely, or until they submit. And when she's done she'll punch the pelvis, around the area above their personal area.

Take a nice long nap!: this move has 3 versions, 1 is she'll slam their face on the turnbuckle and then jump on the top of it and turn them around so their back is facing her and she'll wrap her legs around their necks and uses her other arm to punch their backs to exhaust them until they pass out. 2 is that Nina will sit on their chest after they are on the ground and do a headscissor while pinching their noses to make it hard to breath and if they try to resist, Nina will slam her elbow their guts to make them stop. 3 is her doing a reverse headscissor and squeeze tight and if it's a hentai match she'll jerk off their cock or finger them to make them cum.

Personality: Nina a very rude girl. She doenst care about rules, she loves fighting cause bringing others pain is her joy. Despite her gothic appearance she's quite smart. She's pretty observant, and well aware of her surroundings. She hates losing cause it makes her look weak to her at least, so she will do cheap blows to assure a win. But surprisingly.... She's very kind to animals, she loves animals and critters. And since she's half haijian she's somewhat grabby and doesn't really know personal space, though not as much as a full haijian.

History backstory: Ninas mother was a normal American but her father was a haijian who moved out of haiji. They met, fell in love. Got married and had a kid. Nina was their kid, she had her father's skin and her mother's black hair. (Her father had green hair cause male haijians mostly have green hair) she had loving parents and alot of animals that ran near their house. Which Nina takes care of. But when she got to school, she was picked on consistently cause her skin, teeth, looks and for being a nerd.

Once she was 15 after a encounter with a bullet who wrote the large N on her forhead with permante ink, she became gothic and distanced herself from her parents, she also began to train alot at the gym and nearly break the wall at one point due to her punching it so many times. The coached noticed this and signed her up for wrestling club to help channel her anger. This did work for a while but she occasionally broke the rules and did cheap blows but she stopped and instead just fought harder and harder. Once she graduated she decided to make wrestling her career.


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