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Shego Wolf

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Ring-name: Shego Wolf
Real name: Shego Johnson
Occupation: CEO and creator of Hardstrike Fight sports brand.
Age: 30
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long Black (dyed)
Height: 5"5
Weight: 177 lbs
Nationality: English
Alignment: Erotic, Heel
Measurements: 36-27-35
Foot Size 6UK
Medical Notes
Past Training pro-style wrestling,Street fighting, and adapted Hentai style wrestling.
Relationships Status:Open Relationship,dating Huan Lei Brightspring but also interested in Ty Lee.

Tactics and style:Shego aims to wear her opponent down with lighter strikes and quick-effect moves and holds then when she thinks that her opponent is weakened she will start to use more complex holds to get to her end goal also nine times out of ten Shego will go for a knock out if she can thou that depends if there are a referee and their views of the rules.

Preferred match: Hentai is her main interest but she does enjoy Bed, Erotic Cage Fights, and Oil Pit Wrestling, 2v1 but she is always willing to try new styles of matches out as for her opponent pick she leans more towards female fighters then males.

Favoured moves:
Cobra Twist
Haedys Hold
Double Bridge Hold
Rear Naked Choke
Leg Trap Surfboard
Flying Stretcher
Olgiy Lock
(More to be added)

Finisher moves:
Vampiress: Shego stands behind her opponent and hooks both of their arms from the side, pinning them to their back. While her right arm keeps both of her opponent’s arms immobilised, Shego turns her opponent around and bends them forward. As she falls on one knee, she grabs her opponent’s right leg and lifts them until they are hanging upside-down. Shego pulls down on her opponent’s leg to force them into a split, straining their groin and humiliating them into submission.

Entrance music:
Appearance: As in the photo. Artwork credit to vexedzero.

"Hardstrike Fight" Brand Shego has been working on.
Past:Shego's past was extraordinary, her mother and father both owned a multimillion-dollar company. Shego had quite a nice life. Anything she wanted she got, no questions asked. Her mother would always say "Do what makes you smile, because a smile makes the world happier" thou, unfortunately, they did not see the beautiful daughter they were hoping for, at school she got into a fight and beat up 3 boys when she was only 10! This would spark Shego's interest in fighting and many years later she would head into the life of kickboxing. Despite not getting the business daughter they wanted, they would support her and love her no matter what. Shego trained hard to get signed by a kickboxing company. Her parents were so happy to find out she would be debuting. On their way to the show, they were sadly in a freakish car accident. Shego was saddened when her parents, she thought they just hated her since she became a fighter... but moments before the fight. The news spread rapidly. Just before Shego walked out for her debut. She discovered her parents didn't survive the crash. This ruined everything for her and her debut became a slaughtering. Her opponent destroyed her for three rounds and eventually knocked Shego out cold. She was a bloody mess that night, receiving a broken rib, 2 black eyes, and a cut above her left eye which needed 5 stitches, her body was black and blue and her arms were heavily damaged. Her parents never gave up, even through dark times and neither did she. However, Shego's fights got worse and worse for her and a year later she hung up the gloves. Due to her parent's death... she inherited an incredible amount of money which she would use to help build her company and give her a home. But this company... she wanted to have it be more personal to her... so she left Kickboxing and tried wrestling, risking it all and making a female wrestling company.

Shego began to get more interested in wrestling and tried her hand at multiple areas of fighting styles in AFW and LAW, despite owning the company she decided to learn how to wrestle which opened a whole new side to her. This lead to a more dominant fighter and more sexual woman while also caring for her friends and loved ones. she would focus on wrestling which she was only getting better at, over time she would move to the Hentai circuit that is where her career took off and her name and the company received great popularity. Slowly each win gives her the power to improve her own way of life.

Heavy metal music when she cooks.
Hanging out with friends.
Chilling out with some drinks.
Rumble rose's girls.
Watching and supporting other fighters of LAW.
Her wrestling training.
Looking after her businesses and investments
Looking after her household.

Wins: 0
Losses: 2
Tap Out To Ty Lee Finisher Hold: The casting cradle (Octopus hold)
Gina the tennis brat via H-KO
Draws: 0

"The Judo Fighter" Jenner Sky {Updated}
Ty Lee
Lex Jones

Crush/Romantic interest
Ty Lee
Huan Lei Brightspring (Dating)
Gil "Arma-Gil-O"

"The Judo Fighter" Jenner Sky {Updated}
Lex Jones
Vanessa Jones

Lex Jones
Vanessa Jones

Other Notes:

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