Annabelle "The Love" Valentine

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Annabelle "The Love" Valentine

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Name: Annabelle "The Love" Valentine
Age: 22
Hair Color: Pink (Natural brunette)
Eye Color: Pink
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 180lbs
Alignment: Heel
Nationality: American
Preferred matches: Trio, Tag, Smother, Bed, Hentai, Handicap (Only when it's in her favour)

Annabelle with her teammates
Fighting Style:
Despite her cutesy non-threatening appearance Annabelle is gifted with great physical strength, able to lift up to her weight and then some while making it look absolutely effortless. Despite being on the lower end of size when it comes to heavyweights she's still able to hold her own against girls who are even bigger than her in physical strength, and god forbid you try and match her if you're smaller than her. However for all her strength Annabelle is no bruiser or powerhouse, in fact despite her occupation as a professional fighter Annabelle actually hates violence and prefers to wrestle without so much as forming a single fist.

Annabelle dislikes using moves that will actively cause physical pain such as strikes or slams and instead would rather give her opponents a big old hug. In fact she takes this so far that she attempts to win every match purely by squeezing or smothering her opponents to submission, willing to weaponize her soft and busty frame to soften her opponents up before either lulling them into unconsciousness or squeezing the resistance out of them.

Though she herself is adverse to violence she doesn't have a problem with helping her teammates perform such actions. When aiding her teammates she will gladly use her massive strength to hold the victim in place while her ally beats the ever loving crap out of them or prepares them for a big slam. This arguably makes her more dangerous as part of a team than on her own, as her ruthless teammates make the best use of Annabelle's massive strength.

Signature moves:
Love hurts: The only truly aggressive move in Annabelle's arsenal; a Body Splash delivered to a downed opponent. She will usually use this to weaken an opponent and get into position for a grapple on the mat rather than to try and get a pinfall, so it won't be used to end matches but it is still a very useful move.

True Loves kiss: Annabelle locks lips with the victim while pinching their nose to rob them of air and smother them in an intimate manner. This move is often reserved for opponents she's awfully fond of and is a good way of weakening them for a bigger move, or even as a finisher in certain situations.
Finishing moves

Loving embrace: Annabelle wraps her unfortunate opponent up in her arms and hoists them up for a Bearhug! While a Bearhug is not at all a rare move to see in a wrestlers arsenal it is truly dangerous in Annabelle's hands, as it can be near inescapable for a weaker opponent! Annabelle will often take advantage of her opponents in this position, sometimes enjoying her proximity to their bodies by motorboating them or forcibly kissing them to drain them of air even faster!
Valentines Peach: This move sees Annabelle wrap her arms around the victim's legs from behind so that her hands meet behind their back and lift them up by the legs as if performing a Full Nelson, spreading their legs in a manner that displays their crotch. This move does little in the way of physical damage, but is rather used to humiliate the victim and force a verbal submission from them.
When you think of a wrestling heel you don't tend to think of a sweet-faced, soft voiced and angelic young woman, but that's exactly what Annabelle is. Everything about the woman just screams soft and huggable, and this is reflected even in the woman's behaviour; she's extremely polite and never raises her voice at anyone, even in the middle of an intense fight. The only downside to her soft nature is that she's quite naive, and without her more street smart allies to guide her she can be quite easily tricked and manipulated.

Annabelle is an overly loving and affectionate woman, almost to a fault, and she has an absolute love for any and all things cute. This especially includes cute people, who she will immediately shower with affection. Though unfortunately for any and all of such women she meets Annabelle has quite the issue with respecting others personal space, and while she is well meaning she tends to show her love with tight hugs that crush their ribs and drain them of air. In fact she almost feels compelled to do this when she sees something cute and will abandon all reason to do so.

Although they can hardly be called cute Annabelle very much loves her friends and stable partners Bernadetta and Candice, the fierce loyalty she feels towards them can easily be compared to the way a big friendly dog feels for their owners. In her eyes they can do no wrong and she will gladly do what they tell her to, regardless of what it is, even if it's something that she would never do herself (within reason). She would go to the moon and back for those women and she loves them more than anything, even if in her more impulsive moments she can be quite a nuisance to them.
Annabelle was born the daughter of fairly affluent parents, they weren't millionaires or anything but they were still very well off and had lots of money to spoil their darling little daughter. Growing up the girl was practically showered with love and gifts; cute bows and pretty dresses and soft, huggable teddie bears! Being surrounded by these things for much of her youth gave the young Annabelle a deep love of all things cute, and getting them whenever she wanted no questions asked left the girl quite spoiled to say the least. Her parents gave the girl whatever she wanted, which made her happy but not teaching her the meaning of the word "no" would have a dangerous impact on her psyche.

When Annabelle began school and started spending time around other children she would develop an unsettling habit of picking out other children she liked and hugging them, latching onto them and squeezing as hard as she could, even when the child started complaining that they were hurting. To her people she liked and thought were cute were objects of her affection, so she wanted to express that love to them the same way she did to all the teddy bears, but she simply didn't understand that people may not want to be hugged, nor that they were hurt by the girl who even then didn't know her own strength. As she grew older and eventually matured enough to start developing romantic attachments to people this problem only grew.

Years later in high school one of Annabelle's targets of affection was a small statured girl who wanted to become a lightweight professional wrestler when she graduates, so to grow closer to the girl Annabelle would take up wrestling herself. Even though she took up these lessons for a shallow reason she quickly found that her natural strength and aptitude for grabbing people made her a very capable wrestler, which actually gained her the respect and admiration of her fellow students, including the girl she had a crush on. Though she tended to get a bit too close when she was sparring with her classmates she could easily play it off, since that kind of thing happened all the time when you were grappling.

In a bizarre coincidence Annabelle's decision to start wrestling occurred alongside with a huge growth spurt, and by the time she turned 17 she was almost six feet tall. Around this time her crush decided to challenge her to a sparring match; believing that overcoming Annabelle's superior size would make for a good show of her skills. Little did she know that there was more she had to worry about than just Annabelle's body, and when it came time to actually face her in a match she would soon find that she had awoken a monster.

From the beginning the match went in Annabelle's favour, despite her best efforts the lightweight had grossly underestimated her larger foe; both in terms of how much of an impact the size difference had on the outcome and how much of a skill gap there truly was between the two of them. From start to finish Annabelle dominated her crush in a one-sided match that ended with the smaller girl tapping out to a bearhug. All the while Annabelle had been completely ecstatic to finally have a chance to hug and squash her crush, feeling her cute body writhing in her grasp as she tried in vain to escape was ecstatic to the young Annabelle. So much so that she wouldn't actually stop when the girl tapped out and would continue to squeeze her until she passed out, all the while her coaches and fellow wrestlers were trying in vain to separate them!

After this incident Annabelle would be banned from the wrestling club and suspended from school for a few months, during which time she would find out that after her crush quit the club after she recovered from the match, seemingly giving up on her dreams of becoming a wrestler because of the incident. This upset Annabelle, despite the fact that she was the reason why she quit, since she just saw the incident as the two of them being close and she really was quite infatuated with the girl. Though as much as she was upset she was also relishing the memory of the experience, and despite her original reason for taking up wrestling being gone she was now more motivated than ever, wanting to chase that high again.

With this inspiration she would continue to wrestle after leaving High School, eventually coming to a federation in America where she would come to compete with her future teammates Candice Edison and Bernadette Nobel in fierce battles. Over time she would grow to become quite enamoured with Bernadette even though she wasn't Annabelle's type at all, she couldn't help but feel like the two of them fighting side by side would be an amazing force for domination! With this thought in mind she would make a point of befriending Bernadette by training with her at the gym, with the two sparring with each other and helping each other work out often and forming a close friendship over time, one of very few for both women. Feeling confident in their newfound relationship Annabelle would finally ask Bernadette if she wanted to form a tag team between the two of them, an offer that Bernadette instantly refused.

Despite this setback Annabelle did not give up on her objective and would continue to try and wear her down, though this would soon prove to become difficult as Bernadette accepted an invitation to join LAW and ended up moving out of the country to further her wrestling career. This was unacceptable for Annabelle; Bernie still hadn't agreed to team up with her! For that reason Annabelle would pack her bags and immediately move to Japan to follow the woman, giving no consideration to how she's going to live in Japan. So when she tracked Bernadette down and showed up on her doorstep the exasperated woman would have no choice but to allow Annabelle to move in, not wanting to force her to live on the street.

Soon after the two of them began living together Bernadette would start meeting up with her former rival Candice, and given the woman's violent tendencies Bernie would decide to bring Annabelle along to make sure she played nice. It turned out that the purpose of those meetings were to try and convince Candice to form a tag team with Bernadette, in much the same manner that Annabelle herself had been trying to convince Bernadette! When Candice eventually did relent and agree to form a tag Annabelle would pipe in and insist that she be allowed to join! The two of them would soon give in and thus the newly formed duo became a trio!

Now that Annabelle had become a member of the group there was only one more matter to attend to; actually joining LAW! Thankfully given that she already had a history as a wrestler and she possessed the combination of looks and skill that LAW finds very desirable it was quite easy for her to get a place on the roster. With that out of the way Annabelle was now ready to join LAW as the muscle of the Harbingers, though she'd also take some time to enjoy herself in singles matches against the cute lightweights of LAW.
-She left without telling literally anyone she knows back home. Her parents know where she is now, but only after they spent several stressful days tracking her down of their own initiative.
-When it comes to attraction she does not discriminate between gender. That being said her love of small and/or cute things mean she tends to lean more towards girls.
-Likes include small things and/or cute things, the colour pink, hearts (pink love hearts, not actual bloody hearts), hugs, kisses, fluffy things, Bernie and Candice.
-Dislikes include ugly things, blood, violence (unless it's her teammates doing the violence, in which case it's A-okay in her books), smelly things, and anything or anyone her friends don't like.

Win Rate: 0/0/0
Milestones: N/A
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