Inferno - Katie Baker-Roberts

170+ lbs / 76.657+ kg
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Inferno - Katie Baker-Roberts

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Basic Info

Name - Katie Baker-Roberts.
Ring Name - Inferno.
Age - 26.
Hair Color - Flame Red.
Eye Color - Brown.
Height - 5ft 10in - 155cm.
Weight - Approximately 400 lbs - 181KG - 28 Stone.
Nationality - British.


Wrestling Info

Entrance music - Bang Bang - Jessie J
Alignment - Tweener
Fighting Style - Heavyweight Grappler
Basic Moveset - Powerslam, Bearhug, Big Splash, Leg Drop, Corner Avalanche, Elbow Drop, Boston Crab, Dragon Sleeper, Scissors.
Strengths - Size, Strength, Weight.
Weaknesses - Speed. Cardio.

Signature move - Fireball - Katie runs and delivers a Senton to a prone rival.
Signature Move - Feel the Burn - Katie traps her rival in an Abdominal Stretch.

Finishing Move - Pressure Cooker - Katie delivers a Banzai Drop or Vertical Splash to let her weight do the talking!

Occasional Gimmick - Bakers Dozen - Once a rival is pinned, Katie demands a count of 13.


Personal Info

Rookie Katie:
Front View:
Rear View:
On the Mats:
Japanese Promo Posters:
Personality: Happy, Fair, Playful and Respectful... until she isn't. Getting on the wrong side of the big girl is a bad idea!


Career Highlights
- Debuted in the wrestling world at the age of 19, quickly making a name for herself as a force to be reckoned with.
- Became the British Heavyweight Champion at the age of 22, holding the title for a record-breaking 2 years.
- Known for her intimidating presence in the ring, often overpowering her opponents with her sheer size and strength.
- Has faced off against some of the top wrestlers in the world, with a brief tour of Japan where her size made her a fan favorite. She was part of a cross promotional match in Sumo against Shikona Endo, a beloved Yokozuna.

Personal Life:
- Outside of the ring, Katie is a passionate animal rights advocate, using her platform to raise awareness for animal welfare issues.
- Despite her tough exterior in the ring, Katie is known to be a kind-hearted individual who always makes time for her fans.


Plot Ideas/Preferences

Match Types - No Hentai. Open to Tag. Handicap. Singles. Gauntlet, Gimmick Matches.
Feuds - Open.
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