Amelie R. Vs. Eli B. - To Teach A Lesson

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Amelie R. Vs. Eli B. - To Teach A Lesson

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Humiliation Match
"Humiliation" Moves Encouraged.
Victory Via Submission (Via "Humiliation").

The figure known as Amelie Roux had only recently begun to follow her adoring step-sisters presence in the world of wrestling, and today, with a smile to her face she found herself in quite the scenario. Namely, one in which she could one-up her.

For Amelie's selection of opponent for the evening was no mistake. Her grin still bared after she emerged before the masses, Amelie's body jiggled without end as the French giant made herself to the ring. There was nought special for her waiting in the ring, for to the naked eye, unlike the aforementioned Layla's encounter with her same foe tonight, the match appeared to be standard. If but with a crucial twist.

With the word 'humiliation' thrown around so much that it had near enough become attached to this match, Amelie rested her curves in the corner as her eyes turned to the ramp; mind swimming with ideas about moves and predicaments she would be surely forcing upon her massive foe in the match to come.

After all, she couldn't let the thought that Layla, in all her rookie splendour, was the superior woman of the two...

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