Clash of styles- Agatha vs Momo!

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Re: Clash of styles- Agatha vs Momo!

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"Nnhh..s..stay still~" *As her body finally began to loosen up just a bit, Agatha kept Momo firmly pressed up against the mat- The exhausted valkyrie had just enough energy left in her tank to assume a rather dominant hold on the slender female, coaxing the official into beginning the three count!*

"One!" *She gnashed her teeth together, waiting for the typical movement her opponents made when they knew the match was on the line. To her bewilderment however, Momo remained relatively sedentary.*

"Two!" *The Scandinavian remained unflinching, still bracing for a potential kickout. The audience collectively lurched forward, intrigued by the prospect of Agatha claiming victory!*

"Three! Ding ding ding!" *Unlatching her arms from around her foe, jumping to her feet with a burst of excitement in her stride!* "Yes! Blessings be to Odin!" *She cheered, but not before helping Momo back to her feet.*

"You're certainly talented, but just know that speed without power is meaningless!" *The valkyrie playfully nudged Momo's elbow, implying that it was just a light hearted tease.*

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Re: Clash of styles- Agatha vs Momo!

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Momo was trapped with her shoulders onto the mat by her blonde foe, struggling to get out and wriggle away to break the pin. The hold was tight and the pin kept her to the mat. The wind was knocked out of her and her body seemed to lack the proper strength to kick out as the three count was made! Shortly after, Yamamoto's body was released as she cringed, her body in pain as she became too aware of her loss in this match.

Then she felt Agatha helping her to her feet, as she held the back of her head, looking rather upset that she had come up short. Then, when Agatha had made her comment, she shot her an annoyed look. She had made the comment as a joke, but it was clear Momo didn't find the humor in it. Pushing Agatha away from her, she simply muttered out, "Whatever..." before heading to the ropes and exiting, letting Agatha celebrate her win as she headed to the back with a sour look on her face.

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