Ossi Shamar vs Mina Windu "The Alien Queen"

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Re: Ossi Shamar vs Mina Windu "The Alien Queen"

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The shove away seemed to work for a moment, the Alien Queen moving back with a hurt expression on her face. Ossi took a moment to gather herself and prepare to attack, only for Mina to beat her to it!

"OOOFFF!" Ossi blurted as Mina punched her hard in the stomach, knocking the wind from the Syrian heiress with ease. She staggered forward, only to find herself gathered up into a powerful bearhug, pulled tight against Mina's curvy frame.

"NO!" she gasped in dismay as she felt the squeeze, her arms trapped by her side. Ossi could only shake her head, squirming feebly in the grip of the alien queen with the breath slowly being pressed out of her. "Nnnghhhh..." she moaned, her head rocking back and eyes fluttering as she tried to maintain consciousness.

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