Managerial Complaints

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Managerial Complaints

Unread post by winner3 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:27 am

Over at LAW HQ, in the recesses of the building's higher floors, Dan DeFranco took refuge, going about his usual daily regimen of administrative and business tasks, and watching LAW programming during his breaks. Dan 'the man' had just finished allocating funding for the next ppv, sliding his laptop computer back towards the center of his desk and leaning back in his chair before letting out a long sigh.
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"Yeeesh. I never enjoy the finance aspects of these events." He'd say to himself as he pulled out his phone and navigated to the LAW network to see tonight's card. He noted to himself the names that stood out to him. Among the wrestlers competing tonight, there was Karen Starring, Ducky Williams, Erin Quinn, Touka Akan-

And just as he had read her name, an email notification had popped up. It was a direct message to DeFranco from his secretary. Kyoko Akan was here to see him. And her visit, though expected, was not something he was looking forward to.

"Send her up. If you give her a wait time, she might get antagonistic." Dan replied. Having read Touka's name, he had a good idea of what this was about. He'd get up to unlock his office door before sitting down again behind his desk and kicking his feet up in anticipation of Kyoko Alan's arrival...
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Re: Managerial Complaints

Unread post by Fairy Dragon » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:33 pm

Kyoko wasnt kept waiting, nor should she. She was up and willing to barge in if needed since as she proved with Rebellion no one could actually stop her in security but thankfully she was told to head up immediately and she did marching upstairs in a hurry to talk to the man who was seemingly out to cause her such grief and worry. If he expected a cordial greeting he was going to be disappointed. If he expected the door being kicked open he got what he was waiting for. The door came out from Kyoko's boot with her staring directly at the front and looking around completely annoyed by the situation. Though surprisingly she just marched in and didnt scream.

"Dan...I know we haven't been on the best of terms since I helped trash a PPV set. But I paid every medical bill you ever threw at me and I haven't raised a fuss or sent you an angry phone call in months. In fact Id like to think ive been on my best behavior since then." Kyoko's hands would press on the desk and she would lean closer to the well built man in front of her. "So do you mind kindly explaining to me WHAT THE HELL YOUR DOING HIRING MY MOTHER TO LAW!!?"

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