Cali McCloud versus Jem Holland - Third Time's the Charm!

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Cali McCloud versus Jem Holland - Third Time's the Charm!

Unread post by winner3 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:27 am

Bedroom POW Match - Standard rules: Victory awarded via pin, submission, or knockout. If Cali wins, she gets to take over Jem's routine gaming stream for a night

"Alright! Back at this, again!" Jem said enthusiastically as she turned her webcam and projector on once more.
Jem HollandShow
Jem had just finished preparing a familiar set up in her room. Her spacious queen-sized bed littered with random plushies and nerd paraphernalia. The bed frame surrounded by blue wrestling mats. Her webcam set up mounted on the wall facing herself and her opponent for the second time today, Cali McCloud. And finally, a projector on her nightstand showing the feed of the livestream on her wall, complete with the comments and sub count on the side. Jem had detailed the rules of their match in the stream description and title.

Jem bounced up and down with excitement and anticipation. Her smile and expression seemingly mostly unperturbed despite her jumping into yet another rematch with the heavyweight Cali, a woman who bested her flawlessly and handily twice now. Cali's visit to Jem's place and their previous match in her bedroom earlier in the day seemed to do wonders for Jem's view count and subscription count. But despite this wholesome silly "feud", it was evident from Jem's challenges, words, and body language that she wasn't constantly finding ways to face off against Cali for the boost in web traffic. Heck, Jem had to bribe Cali into agreeing to yet another rematch with her by buying her Thai takeout for dinner.

"Now that we've showered, digested, and I've cleaned up my room again. It's time for take-3!" Jem said as she brushed the flap of her dress aside and pointed towards Cali, who was sitting on her bed.

"Cali, I don't care if you move up one weight class from me or ten. I don't care if fighting you gets me all the views in the world! (Okay, maybe I do a little but that's not my main focus here!) And I don't care if I've gotta buy you dinner every time I want a match outta you! I swear I'm gonna beat you! And I'm gonna beat you, today! Say it with me, Jem fans! Get set to get wrecked!" Jem roared as she took a power stance, widening her stance and gesturing to her bikini-clad opponent with a thumbs down to complete her signature taunt!
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Re: Cali McCloud versus Jem Holland - Third Time's the Charm!

Unread post by Faeron » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:36 am

Cali couldn't roll her eyes any harder when Jem made her usual declaration about besting the brunette, yet she couldn't help but smirk at the same time while lounging on Jem's bed. The tease in the shower was a welcome distraction and the dinner prior was pleasant, but now it was time for Cali to once again dominate the blonde in front of a crowd of people because Jem was so eager to prove a point that wasn't well made in the first place. Nonetheless, Cali couldn't help to put Jem in her place once again as she personally recommended that this match be under POW stipulations. As Jem turned towards Cali with her usual flair -- Cali swung her legs around the bed, crossing one over the other before resting her chin on a palm and winking to the camera. The chat of course flooded with words upon words as the returning fans were eager to see just how this match would go.

"Getting ahead of ourselves as always, are you?" Cali answered, intentionally making her southern drawl just a tad thicker. "Before you start making promises that you can't keep, let's catch the chat up shall we?"

Cali straightened out her back, folding her hands together.

"When the cameras shut down earlier today, Jem begged me for another match, bribing me with dinner and some time in her shower. So I decided to spice things up and add a special stipulation: When I beat Jem again, I'll get to take over her stream while Jem takes her favorite spot under my feet!"
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