Lilliana Antiqua vs Jessica Wright II - Sauna Match

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Lilliana Antiqua vs Jessica Wright II - Sauna Match

Unread post by winner3 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:27 am

Unofficial Match in Lilliana's family bathhouse: Winner to be decided via pin, submission, or knockout
A heated exchange on social media showed that there was no love lost between Lilliana Antiqua and Jessica Wright. Following their last bout, Jessica was all combinations of angry. Livid, frustrated, incensed, even hateful. Lilliana had beaten her quite soundly, even instilling fear within the Violent Violet towards the tail end of that match. Having been a promising prospect for LAW, even if Jessica wasn't the clear favorite in their last official encounter, expectations had dictated that she'd fare much better. And Lilliana shattering those expectations had ensued in management facing difficulty finding the Titaness opponents.

Lilliana was bored at this point. She and her tag partner Sandy White were on quite the tear, squashing whatever poor girl had the misfortune of being booked to face them. And as they ran roughshod through LAW's ranks, Upper Echelon were given fewer and fewer opponents, both in tag and singles competition. Lilliana, especially so, particularly after she had destroyed Wright. Antiqua had occasionally tweeted about this rut, this boredom, this lack of competition. And that sparked an apex - a surge in Jessica's anger and ambitions for revenge. She demanded another go, a rematch. A callous request that Lilliana couldn't have even been bothered to address with a formal contest.

The tall, toned, muscular purple-haired heavyweight was quite the specimen. Despite not having regular competition these days, she maintained a strict regimen, working through a fitness routine and diet religiously, complete with ample self-care. Lilliana was a different breed. Descending from a family that saw success in every field and endeavor they partook in, Antiqua was legitimately in the top one percent. And on this weekend days, at this hour mid-afternoon, her regimen dictated a regular visit to her family's bathhouse in their terrace. The long, wooden structure housed several porcelain baths on one end, and a wooden sauna on the other, complete with ornamental statues of various mythological creatures and her family crest in front. Lilliana had been basking in the steamy mist of the sauna when she accepted Wright's challenge. The water vapor caressed her defined back and posterior as she began slipping into her typical one-piece wrestling attire. She received a text message from Jessica, who no doubt had taken some time combing through the Antiqua's acres of land and the vineyard to get to the bathhouse and face the prodigal Heiress of the Antiqua Dynasty.
Lilliana AntiquaShow
Jessica had arrived with LAW paparazzi not far behind. Even if this contest was to be unofficial, a second fight between the two was press that simply couldn't be passed up. Lilliana would let Jessica say her piece before cutting in and establishing her terms. When Jess approached to enter the sauna room from this end of the bathhouse, Lilliana would cut her off with the raise of a finger.

"No-no-no. You can't enter as you are, Wright. Do not forget that I'm doing you a favor accepting your challenge, not the other way around. Last time I faced you, I judged you. Decimated you. Used you and your sham of a wrestling career as a stepping stone, and a plaque for the Antiqua name.

I've no idea how long it took you to remove the permanent marker, but I do know this: I don't view you as a wrestler. And I'll never view you as an equal.

Last we met, I took your wrestling outfit and discarded it in a trash can backstage because you didn't deserve it. You didn't. If you want to face me....if you want to fight me again now or anywhere, you'll abandon this new look. This facade.

You're no wrestler. You're a vagrant. And you'll fight me like one. Strip. Now. Or you'll not have your fight. I'll keep my leotard on. You will fight nude."

Her piercing red eyes and arms crossed under her bust conveyed Lilliana's serious attitude and demeanor on this. She elitist was bent on making sure the difference between them was pronounced throughout this bout. And she stood in the way of the sliding door, blocking Jessica's entry and postponing their fight until her foe agreed to the terms.
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Re: Lilliana Antiqua vs Jessica Wright II - Sauna Match

Unread post by LtLukas » Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:21 am

The grass was perfectly manicured, Jessica had to give her credit for that. For a woman as snooty and arrogant and haughty as Lilliana was, she figured that nothing else would really do. She wasn't barefoot, and her feet pressed down on the crunchy grass. Jessica had been raised on long highways and in crappy motels and she hadn't seen anything this nice since she had arrived in Japan. And even then, there were very few places that Jessica had been to that had looked like this. This place was huge and spacious. There were so many buildings that Jessica was not even really sure which one was the main one, which is to say that someone like Jessica could not have told the difference between them, they were all so opulent.

But Jessica had other things on her mind other than how nice Lilliana's house was. Namely, how Jessica wanted to tear Lilliana Antiqua apart. The Violent Violet was no stranger to defeat. When she was first cutting her teeth in a bunch of dingy dims all around the midwest, she had been thrown against women who were several times her size. The young Jessica went at them with abandon, and she was punished for that. With every match, however, Jessica grew and grew until she was a purple and lean fighting machine.

And then she ran into Lilliana like a brick wall. There were very few women that Jessica went against who were stronger than her, even at the heavyweight level. There were very few women that Jessica went against who were more interested in humiliation than her, even at a perverted place like LAW. There were very few women that Jessica went against who hit harder than her, even considering the fact that Lilliana had knocked her out.

Jessica watched the match later. And then she watched it again. She knew what had happened thanks to the fact that she remembered being stripped and it took her forever to come to terms with the fact that she had another woman's name written all over her body. The Violent Violet fixated on it, replaying the events both in her head and on the screen of her laptop. Jessiaca's heart was filled with anger and hate and anguish as she thought of a thousand and one ways that she could take her purple haired opponent off the high throne that she had won for herself.

But now, Jessica's heart was filled with desire. A desire to beat the living crap out of Lilliana, and knock her out. In her own home. That provided Jessica with some sense of relief, as Jessica thought that she could take something from Lilliana's house as a trophy. The same way that Jessica's costume had been taken from her.

As she approached the sauna, she saw the paparazzi standing outside. She paused for a second. Jessica hoped that this would be more personal, more intimate, one woman pulverizing another. But she supposed that their spat had been a public one, and it made sense that the media would be here to follow a rising star in the company as well as one of LAW's strongest and most dominant women. She cast her doubt aside. They would just be more people to see Jessica get a measure of revenge on the woman who had become her white whale.

There she was. Lilliana. Instinctively, Jessica clenched a fist when she heard the woman speak. The sound of her voice kicked in Jessica's darkest thoughts as she listened to the woman. When Lilliana suggested that Jessica fight naked, initially the Violent Violet balked. Jessica had only suffered to be naked because she was on the verge of a concussion last time. There was simply no way that Jessica was going to strip herself for the pleasure of Lilliana.

But then she thought about it. As much as she begged the brass at LAW for a rematch with Lilliana, they wouldn't give it to her. Lilliana was not willing to go forward, and even then, look at how she fared last time, they told her. She was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts, with Converses rounding out her look. Everything came off quickly. Jessica was standing there in the mid-afternoon sun, completely nude. Already she was hearing the click of camera shutters behind her.

"Let's fucking get on with it. I can't wait to kick your ass." Jessica's voice showed all of the venom that she had inside her. It was a lot.
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