Handcuffs Match - Roni Mancini vs. Jessica Wright

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Handcuffs Match - Roni Mancini vs. Jessica Wright

Unread post by Dubski » Wed Dec 04, 2019 5:42 am

Roni Mancini vs. Jessica Wright
Match Type: Handcuffs
Victory by: Locking handcuffs on their opponent's wrists.

"The Hitwoman" Roni Mancini steps out onto the screen as Black Vultures by Halestorm and on the final yell of "Black Vultures circle in the SKY," Roni stomps and roars, giving the crowd a menacing look right after. After which, Roni grins broadly and then swaggers her way down to the ring. At one point she stops and looks over to a fan trying to take a picture, takes his phone, then casually drops it on the ground and stomps her boot on it before resuming her walk down the ring.

Eventually, Roni gets to the apron and then slides underneath it as the crowd boos her. Maintaining her immense unpopularity, Mancini arrogantly poses with her arms out, doing a lap around the ring. The badass brawler was happy to bathe in her boos. Her eyes then went to one of the corners, where a pair of handcuffs dangled off the top of one of the ropes, one end closed around it, but with a key inside for easy removal. The idea of this match was something that made the Italian excited. She got to pound the everloving hell out of some chick, cuff her, and then continue her beatdown. Was there anything more exciting than that? After Roni had gotten her fix of boos, she moved herself to her corner and waited for her opponent to come down to the ring.

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