An Apology is In Order

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An Apology is In Order

Unread post by winner3 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:07 am

It was a night like any other at the neighborhood LAW stadium. Between the littany of impressive matches in tonight's showing and murmurs of the unpredictable things happening backstage behind the curtains, things were as lively as ever. Every now and then, the things that happened behind closed doors spilled out into the squared circle, into the arena, into official televised segments and competitions. After all, people talk, reporters and wrestlers write, tweet, post, or even record their eye witness accounts to social media. And after a physical, submission-based sparring contest with Daisuke Takeuchi in the LAW gym, Irelia Xu had to come out in front of the live crowd to speak on the matter.

Irelia XuShow
As the music started up, the beautiful, blue-haired middleweight emerged. At the top of the entrance ramp, she stood tall and waved to the crowd, taking in their praise and cheers before placing a hand on her hip and letting out a sigh. The tall, model-esque girl took to the ring. As she scaled the steel steps and bent down to enter gracefully, the staff at ringside handed her a microphone. She had asked for a reasonable amount of time for this promo. Xu knew she'd need it for the riffraff that she was calling out, tonight. As she found her place in the center of the ring, Irelia flipped her hair to the side before beginning.

"It never does get old for me, speaking or competing in front of a stadium filled to capacity." The vixen said with a smile before pausing for the positive crowd reaction.

"Cheers like this...they make me wish I had something happier to talk about tonight. You see, word has already gotten out, on dirtsheets, twitter and the like....I had a "run in", if you could call it that. A "sparring" match in the gym not long ago. I had to discipline a cowardly boy. I've already forgotten how many times I've made him tap. But it doesn't end there, does it? No, not at all. See, what he probably hasn't mentioned when asked about our bout was that there was something on the line. He lost. He cheated several times and lost. And so, for his unsportsmanlike attitude, he owes me. He owes myself and all my lovely fans a very emphatic, very public apology!" She finished with both hands on her mic. Irelia assumed a wide stance. She raised her eyebrow before beckoning the foe she was speaking of, with full expectation that he was all out of options - that his hand was forced and that his apology was inevitable!

"Isn't that right, Daisuke Takeuchu!?"
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