Abigail Bell

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Abigail Bell

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Name: Abigail Bell
Age: 22
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 4’10
Weight: 120 lbs/ 54.4 KG
Entrance Music
Alignment: Heel

Nationality: African-Canadian

Signature Moves:

Diving Elbow Drop
Trificta Suplexs
Rhopalocera Suplex (Butterfly Suplex)
Boston Brachyura (Boston Crab)

Aero-Die-Namics (Twisted Bliss)
Scientific Terror Fusions Hold (STF)
Personality: Arrogant, mean and so assured of her intelligence that if an opponent outwits her, she'd refuse to believe, believing it was the cause of "some strange, unbelievable variable that the stupid and superstitious call luck!" She's also not above bullying her opponents either.

History: Abigail Bell was a born genius. She’d be glad to tell you all about it. Born to a middle-class African-Canadian family in Toronto, she showed potential at a young age, going to a gifted school when she was five. And from there, it got better, as she was one of the youngest women to be accepted in the University of Toronto. But sadly for her colleagues, the more prestige Abigail got, the bigger her ego got. To the point where Abigail became insufferable to be around.

One day, she was with her cousin (against her well, she can assure you) when she came upon a strange new world. The world of professional wrestling. Abigail usually despised sports or any “Neanderthal esque” activity. But this was different. She was in awe of their athleticism, their larger than life personalities. So much so that she started to research the abilities that professional wrestling can give a person as her thesis. And when she presented her thesis, Abigail was shocked. She wasn’t praised for her brilliance. No, she was laughed and mocked. Her former title of genius now reduced to a joke. A punchline for the moronic rabble.

Humiliated and enraged, Abigail dropped out of college. She’ll show them… and with that goal in mind, Abigail got training and then into LAW.

Match Record: 0/0/0
Match History
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