Lexy's Lexinomicon: Promoting the Promoter

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Lexy's Lexinomicon: Promoting the Promoter

Unread post by winner3 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:55 pm

For some time now, Lexy had been mulling over the concept of an addendum added to her LAW contract. A month or so ago, she had been approached by representatives of upper management. The suits behind the curtains had wanted to add interviewers to their staff to help prompt wrestlers and sell themselves to the fans, as well as hype up match-ups and events! And Lexy Alan, with her cute look and resourcefulness to match, was the perfect woman for the job according to rumors and the Board of Directors alone.

On paper it was an absolute win for Lexy, management, and the fans. Yet week after week Lexy would find herself pulled into meetings with the office folks down at HQ, nearly begging and pleading with her for this shift in career, while Lexy pleased with them to remain a wrestler on the roster of middleweights. And after finally proving that she could win a match, they acknowledged Alan by allowing her to do both whenever she was beckoned. Upon signing the dotted line on her newly updated contract, Lexy was slated for a trail run over her talk show. One she affectionately dubbed "Lexy's Lexinomicon". With a few supplies gifted to her from management and a small stage crew, she put together a meager setup backstage. A wide announcer's table adorned with Lexy's name drawn in large green font sufficed. Save for a couple lamps set up to help with lighting and a mic in Lexy's hands, this trial run of her talk show consisted of her table, chairs, a mic held in hand, and her very first guest! Not many special effects or any security to speak of....

The camera focused on Lexy as she smiled widely and introduced herself.
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"Welcome one and all! As many of you fans might know, I'm Lexy Alan! LAW's baker turned wrestler, and now most recently, turned show host/interviewer/wrestler. And while I wind down this journey of identity crisis that every young adult in their early 20's faces, please join me as I advertise my family's bake shop franchise in the States and indulge the CEO and upper management in interviewing wrestlers in and out of the ring! As we're just now starting this gig, we couldn't expect to nab a highly tenured gal or guy. So instead, were joined today by a promising new recruit!" Lexy would reach out to her side to rest her hand on her guest's shoulder. The cameraman would move back to get her Takeshi, sitting just a couple feet over at Lexy's table, into frame.

"Please welcome our guest, Mister Takeshi Ishikawa! Tell us a little about yourself, Takeshi." Lexy said in s boisterous tone with a smile as she turned to her side and leaned in toward him with microphone in hand, listening intently to what he had to say.
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Re: Lexy's Lexinomicon: Promoting the Promoter

Unread post by TheSuitedOwl » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:16 am

It had been days since Takeshi had originally signed his contract and already he could tell he made the right call. Janice was an honest to god wizard because within the short amount of time she was provided. The resourceful brunette had managed to put together a multifaceted interview tour. That had started with a national radio station, then a prominent music journal, which was quickly followed up with his fanclub's podcast, and would finally concluded with Lexy's show.

So when he came in that day for his interview. It was a bit surprising to see how bare everything was. Nothing to lose one's head over of course, his fanclub's interview was far less professional than this, but that was to be expected. This on the other hand was LAW! So it was a bit jarring to see at first but he quickly learned why and became rather sympathetic soon after.

That he felt a need to do his best and turn up the charm for the sake of everyone else. So after a quick introduction of the crew he would take his seat and wait patiently for his cue from Lexy. Which once he received would prompt the charming singer to lean closer to the mic with his elbow atop of the table and a wide smile on his lips.

"Thank you Lexy for that wonderful introduction. And just like she said am Takeshi Ishikawa former singer of Seven's Divinity, lover of cinnamon rolls, and LAW's newly appointed crowd pleaser." Takeshi would finish before he gave a quick wink to the camera and an encouraging smile to his host.
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