Rose Gold, The Sinister Siren

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Rose Gold, The Sinister Siren

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Ring Name: Rose Gold
Real Name: Kelsea Rose
Age: 22
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5"2'
Weight: 119 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener
Appearance: [Claim: Djeeta; Granblue Fantasy]
Ring Attires

Kelsea has always been one of the smallest girls on the playground. As far back as she could remember she'd been teased and bullied. Confidence had always been in short supply for her. This was precisely why her parents enrolled her in jiu-jitsu at a young age. Kelsea took to it like a fish in water. The nature of the sport allowed for a diminutive woman like herself to practice with others, regardless of their size. Kelsea found great freedom in the competition.

When Kelsea graduated from High School she was given the opportunity to study abroad in Japan. While in university Kelsea forged a close personal friendship with an upper class-man. This upper class-man was a member of the local Joshi Wrestling club. It was here that she developed her persona, Rose Gold. This club was nothing like she had experienced in America. The pro-wrestling that she was familiar with was far less... Sensual. Kelsea became enthralled in her new club. She developed a love; No, a lust for dominating other women. Physically and sensually. It was through this amatuer Joshi club and her new persona that Kelsea blossomed as a woman.

Throughout university Kelsea continued to grow her wrestling persona, pledging that once she finished her degree she would pursue her passion full time. Until then she participated in a number of custom wrestling websites and gravure photo shoots as time allowed. All the while following LAW. Post Graduation she immediately attended a try-out for LAW and with contract in hand, she is ready to go pro!


Kelsea is a demure and shy young woman. She is humble, kind, and impeccably polite. She is impossibly shy around women she finds attractive and this has always made romance incredibly difficult for her.

However, when she adopts her ring persona she is a much different woman.

The character of Rose Gold allows Kelsea to step outside of the constraining expectations of society and become a slave to her desires. Confident and sensual, Rose Gold loves show off for the fans. Whether dominating or being dominated, it excites her immensely. Rose Gold has become a cruel persona. A bullying heel who isn't afraid to do what is necessary to win. Whether that is humiliating her opponent beyond what is necessary or outright cheating! Rose Gold is an incarnation of sensual violence and the Yang to Kelsea's Yin.

Preferred Match Types:
Rose Gold's Specialty Match is the Mercy Match. A match where the victor is determined only when the winner accepts the losers submission. In that vein, Rose is fond of Submission, Humiliation, Hentai, and Normal matches. Open to interesting and unique stipulations. Interested in long form story lines and plot before lewd.


Her small frame prevents her from executing especially powerful moves and so she relies on her agility and technique. She leans heavily on her submission background to isolate opponents and put them in painful, or ideally, humiliating situations. Still new to the world of Pro Wrestling she is often overwhelmed by the experience and power of veteran wrestlers, however she values the lessons gained from the experience. Rose Gold's moves tend to have a sensual, confidant flavor to them. It is not uncommon for her to attempt to steal a kiss from an opponent. She is easily excited and has been known to get lost in the moment.

Physical Stats

Strength: 3/5 - A lifelong martial artist and athlete. She is quite strong for a lightweight. However; She is still a lightweight.
Endurance: 3.5/5 - Above average. She is willing to take a beating to secure a win. No match is over until the bell has rung!
Technique: 5/5 - A national junior champion Jiu-Jitsu player. Finding ways to get opponents into compromising positions is her life's ambition.
Speed: 3.5/5 - Fast, like most girls in the lightweight division. She attributes her speed to quick thinking rather than quick movement.
Defense: 2/5 - Due to her lithe build she is incredibly subject to power moves. Many a loss has come at the hands of power bombs and pile drivers.

Wrestling Stats

Strikes: 3/5 - Sufficient at strikes. She hates blood however.
Submissions: 5/5 - A world level submission specialist. Don't let her love of face-sitting fool you.
Power: 2/5 - Throw-based offense tends to stay grounded. Elevated slams are not within her power. Trips, DDTs, and Hip Throws are more her speed.
Aerial: 4/5 - Isn't afraid to take to the sky! From second rope rebound attacks to dives to the outside. Rose loves to put on a show. Sometimes to her detriment.
Counters: 4/5 - Able to finesse her way through counters. However, if a counter requires power it is unlikely she will be able to produce, even if she knows how.

Signature Moves and Finishers:

Being new to the pro scene Rose Gold is still developing her repertoire. As she grows in skill and experience more moves will be added to this list:
The Midas Clutch; Hurricanrana into Face-Sitting Triangle Choke
Crown of Gold; Top Rope Moonsault Knee Strike
The Gold Standard; Pedigree
Hentai Moves(NSFW)
Rose loves nothing more than the taste of another woman. Especially if they can't stop her from having it!
Finisher; Kiss From A Rose
Single Leg Crab for Hentai
Signature/Spot Moves
The Gold Mist
A new edition to Rose Gold's repertoire, it suits her new heel dynamic wonderfully. An illegal manuever that involves Rose Gold spraying her opponent with a mysterious golden mist. Beyond being a basic blinding agent, This mist is a powerful aphrodisiac. By the time the wrestler is able to clear their eyes they'll find blood flow to their errogenous zones increased dramatically. From hardened nipples to an oversensitive womanhood that suffers stimulation just from the tight attire they're wearing.

(Note: This is meant to be a narrative way to have fun with your character in a new situation. Further, the aphrodisiac effects do not need to be present in the narrative of the match! It can simply be a cheap shot! It doesn't need to be involved in a match and will never be forced on any player or character. It is highly experimental.)
The Bouquet; Stinkface Bronco Buster (Image reference needed)
Originally her mentor's move, Rose traps her seated opponents head between her butt and the second turnbuckle. Rose then delivers a series of face smothering hip attacks that bounce the opponents head off the turn buckle. The manuever ends with a slow, grinding flourish before a final twerking hip attack.
The Thorn Lock; Arm-Trap Mexican Backbreaker
Gilded Wizard







-------------This Profile Is Always A Work In Progress-------------------

A Rose By Any Other Name:

Volume 1: A Rose In Bloom
Debut; Rose vs. Kaylie K.O. Ongoing.
Golden Mahjong, Rose vs. Misaka; Rose's First Hentai Match;
Rose Gold defeats Misaka Satan
A Rose and the Queen of Ice - Social, Backstage Segment; Finished.
Kelsea meets Lynn Locke backstage! Kelsea accidently charms the Ice Queen.
Leads to->
Rose Gold vs. Lynn Locke; When Bad Meets Baddest
Rose wins(?); Via Disqualification
A run in from Joy Locke. Lynne and her sister ambush the defenseless Rose Gold and destroy her womanhood. Leaving her broken and shameless in the ring!
Silver Meets Rose For Training
Kelsea Rose trains the bedroom queen in some basic throwing techniques! The close combat begins to draw out Rose Gold leading Kelsea to cut the lesson short! Kelsea promises to cheer Silver on in her next match!
Rose Returns the Debut Favor; Rose Gold vs. Izzia Oskevic
Win; Pinfall, Midas Clutch
Rose Gold clashes with newcomer Izzia Oskevic. Throughout the course of the match Rose's sensual attacks add up and eventually break Izzia. By the end of the match, Izzia is reduced to mewling, lust drunk slut. Rose Gold dominates and leaves Izzia in the center of the ring, soaked and unsatisfied. Is this the end between the two women?
Rose Gold vs. Julia Hiroshi; Lightweight Singles Match
Loss; Humiliation Submission
An incredibly close match that begins to show Rose's heel roots! After overcommitting to her Midas Clutch finisher and humiliating Julia, the gymnast makes a comeback! After exposing Rose's petals, Julia forces Rose Gold to tap out to a heartbreaking Humiliation Ceiling Hold! Rose won't allow Julia to have the last word!!!
A Meeting At A Coffee Shop-Social
Kelsea Rose meets Yuki Kuzikara at a coffeeshop! Kelsea encourages Yuki to do her best in her upcoming Lightweight Title match and a friendship is ignited!
Lynn Locke vs. Rose Gold: Hardcore Annual POW Match Ongoing
Volume 2: The Most Beautiful Flowers Are Often The Most Dangerous
Rose Gold vs. Saren Steele - Hentai Submissions Match
Through wicked manipulation Rose Gold overcame her larger opponent, reducing her to a cum-soaked slut.
Clover Rose vs. Rose Gold! A Battle Between Two Roses! Ongoing
Rose Gold vs. Jaegu Song: Intergender POWOngoing
The Start of Something Amazing Social, Ongoing
Don't Meet Your Fans Social, Ongoing
Kelsea Rose and Yuki Kazikura begin their budding romance. Little does Yuki know that the caustic cutie, Rose Gold, lurks beneath the sincerity of those sweet amber eyes. The events of this meeting lead directly to their conflict at We Are LAW 2020 and the first of Rose's specialty match, the Mercy Match. Is their romance over before it's even begun?
Rose Gold Vs. Gisele Leblanc
Rose Gold vs. Yuki Kazikura
Rose Gold defeated Yuki Kazikura after humiliating her and forcing her to beg for mercy. Is this the end of their story?
Yumi Imai vs. Rose Gold
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