Verona Grace

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Verona Grace

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Name: Verona Grace
Stage Name: White Shadow

Age: 18
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Blue
Height: 5"1
Weight: 98 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music:

Strategy: She's very straight forward, she usually tries to out speed and trap her opponents in painful holds to wear them down

Style: Submission holds, hentai (If the match will let her), outrunning her opponents
Preferred Attacks: Scissors, Grapevine, Camel clutch, Boston crab, Arm bar, chokes, ext. Will occasionally go for riskier moves
Preferred Matches: Anything as long as it isn't hardcore

Endurance: 1/5
She can't handle pain AT ALL
Strength: 2/5
Her hits usually do practically nothing, but occasionally when desperate, she can actually throw a decent punch
Speed: 5/5
Quick to distance herself and slippry like a fish
Defense: 3/5
She's fast enough on her feet to usually avoid danger
Technique: 3/5
She's workin' on it

Personality: She's very kind and polite, almost to a fault. She'll put up with a lot of rude antics before she stops offering polite gestures. She's earnest and hard working, and hates losing. In hentai matches she's known for being quite a bit more perverted.

She grew up in Tennessee with rich but stern family. Her parents were both CEO of a large company and wanted their kids to take over their business. Verona, unlike her sisters, despised business and thought of marketing as boring. What's worse is at school she was harshly bullied for her pale skin and brightly colored eyes, on top of her even stranger hobbies. The harsh bullying and the lack of respect at home led to Verona looking for distractions to occupy herself. At first she was thrilled when she'd heard of wrestling, "Beating up anyone who said anything mean to you with a chair? Sign me up!" Of course, she quickly found out many of the leagues she loved watching were just staged. But her hope returned her 8th grade year when the wrestling team was introduced at her middle school. She joined and though she was the worst out of all the other girls, it really ignited a passion for wrestling. In high school she'd join the wrestling team there, and slowly improve herself. But still with the pressure of her parents wanting her to go into business, she'd beg for proper wrestling classes and they'd finally give in on the clause that it was just so she could protect herself. Verona's parents brought her the most expensive tutor they could find without doing a proper background check. This tutor would introduce her to other kinds of wrestling, and eventually, LAW. She'd leave home with her tutor in order to pursue a career in wrestling.

Fun Fact:
She's unhappy with her costume design, she actually likes soft pastel colors, but was given something more heelish due to her vampirelike appearance
She loves anime
She can play the piano due to lessons her Mom had forced her to take when she was young
She's good at competitive smash: She mains Ridley

Relationships: None


LAW Information
Number of matches:
Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Draws: 0

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