Jason Summers

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Jason Summers

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Name: Jason Summers
Alias: Blaze
Age: 29
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: green
Height: 6'7 feet tall!
Weight: 280lbs

http://images6.fanpop.com/image/answers ... 80_300.jpg

-Endurance: 4/5 - Stamina for days
-Strength: 5/5 - Absolute powerhouse
-Speed: 2.5/5 - average
-Defense: 3/5 He's learned how not to get hit in most cases.
-Technique: 2/5 he is a strike, trying to make his way into wrestling... so only basic wrestling holds.

-Strikes: 4/5 - his background in Karate is all he really knows
-Submissions: 1/5 -Bear hug... wait there are other moves?
-Power Moves: 4/5 - chokeslam!
-Aerial Moves: 1/5 - ... no
-Counters: 3/5 - if its striking... probably... anything else he's not really sure how to escape unless its power!

Entrance music: slayer here comes the pain.
Alignment: Face
Nationality: English
Fighting Style: Striker/Grappler
Famous Move/s: Bear HUG using his size and power to crush them!
Finishing move/s: chokeslam!
sexual finisher:... using his SIZE to choke them with his member.
Matches: is up for anything

Jason spent his early years learning to become a mechanic after his father, in his spare time he took up karate and weight lifting as he grew, he noticed he was easily the tallest boy in school, after leaving school he continued to lift and to grow, by 18 he was about to lift the front end of a car! which really helped roadside rescues for his fathers garage...
Realising in his 20's he wanted more than just to be a mechanic he enrolled into LAW and was looking for his first fight!

Personality: Jason, is a sportsman, he desire most of all is a good fight, he has no desire to cause lasting damage to anyone, but he knows and enjoys the physical pain side of wrestling, but then surely everyone who steps into the ring must a least a little?
out of the ring he is kind and considerate, inside the ring he doesn't pin he goes for knockouts! using his size and strength to his advantage.
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