Maxwell Peitrpound Silvermane

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Maxwell Peitrpound Silvermane

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Name: Count Maxwell Pietrpound Silvermane
Alias: The Countout Count, The Knockout Count
Age: 23
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 167lbs
Weight: 5'11"

-Endurance: 4/5 - Stamina for days
-Strength: 3/5 - Not weak, but not a brute
-Speed: 3.5/5 - Pretty quick, but not the quickest
-Defense: 3/5 He's learned how not to get hit in most cases.
-Technique: 4/5 His time in the Navy taught him plenty.

-Strikes: 4/5 - He's got a decent left hook
-Submissions: 3.5/5 - Plenty of knowledge on how to bend and pop joints, but he's no master.
-Power Moves: 4/5 - What's the point of being a wrestler if you can't slam someone through a table?
-Aerial Moves: 2/5 - The sky is for birds and air force pukes.
-Counters: 3.5/5 - He's got the reflexes and skills to counter most moves, but it's a tossup sometimes.

Entrance music: March of the Cambreadth Instrumental
Alignment: Face
Nationality: English
Fighting Style: Striker/Grappler
Famous Move/s: "Tea Time" - Will stop mid match for a cup of delicious Yorkshire tea, frequently interrupted with a bodyblow that results in hot tea sprayed in the opponent's face.
"Tolling Big Ben" - Hoists the opponent onto the top of the corner post, and springs off the the ropes to deliver multiple chops, with the final toll being a drag off the post and slamming his opponent to the canvas.
Finishing move/s:
"The Pillory" - Positions his opponent inverted for a suplex, and drops them headfirst into the bottom rope to torque their neck back, while he applies a headscissor. Hentai variant adds genital stimulation to this once they're securely trapped.
Matches: Maxwell will agree to anything that sounds fun, which is most things. It's the person, not the venue that matters, afterall.

Personality: Infinitely polite outside the ring, Maxwell will typically reciprocate courtesy during a match; Heels beware, however, as unsporting actions will cause him to, as he puts it, "show em what Gerry got in the War", becoming much more foul mouthed and willing to take liberties interpreting 'fair play'. He passes this off not as a heel swerve, but simply "the duty of well bred individuals to be willing to dpeak to the same level as those lacking the manners God gave a shrew."

History: Little is known about his past. The most that has been confirmed by his agent was that he was raised in Portsmough; yes, he is actually a Count; and that he served in Her Majesty's Royal Navy, presumably where he learned how to fight. He is currently single, enjoys a spot of tea, and looks forwards to showing everyone what one of truly noble birth can accomplish.

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