Becka Puncjovich

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Becka Puncjovich

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Name: Becka Puncjovich
Age: 21
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 171bs

-Endurance: 3/5 - Average endurance, can go hard for a bit
-Strength: 5/5 - In spite of everything else, she's got power in spades.
-Speed: 2.5/5 - Not too fast, but quick enough to make do.
-Defense: 4/5 As a boxer primarily, she's very good at keeping herself from being hit.
-Technique: 2/5 Having only started wrestling recently, she's not quite gotten a full proficiency in all the moves.

-Strikes: 5/5 - She can hit like a Mac truck, given her past training as a boxer
-Submissions: 2/5 - While she's working to learn em, she's new enough these are still not very good
-Power Moves: 4/5 - While she's still learning, her raw strength and stamina make her good at these
-Aerial Moves: 1/5 - Stay rooted, and you'll never fall
-Counters: 3/5 - She's got the reflexes and skills to counter some moves, but it's a tossup.

Entrance music: "Saksenland" imstrumental cover
Alignment: Tweener-Heel
Fighting Style: Striker
Signature Moves: The Queen Engine - A series of bodyblows (or chest slaps) to work the opponent into the corner, before hopping up, and springboarding off the ropes into a belly to belly suplex.
Finishing move/s: Stuck Clutch (Modified high angle Boston Crab with an added gas pedaling)
Match Preferences: Becka is willing to do most match types, however she will not do mixed hentai matches.

Personality: Becka is cocky, confident to the point of arrogant, and rarely ever backs down from a fight unless her opposite gives her a reason to either back out and just blow em off.
History: A young woman from Wisconsin, Becka's been a scrapper since an early age, and what she lacks in formal training, she makes up for in persistance and a stolid refusal to give up, much to the delight of her fans, and opponents who want to hear her howl in pain. She is a boxer by trade, but her husband, Rob, has given her some low level wrestling training, being an indy league wrestler from Milwaukee. Becka has since gone on to become the 3-time winner of the Fairest of them All wrestling tournament at the Racine Ren Fair wrestling tourney. After hearing about the LAW through a friend of a friend of a fan of a wrestler, she decided that it would be a fantastic place to show the world how good she truly is.

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