Lillian Byrne vs Tracy Canon 2 - Tracy's Booty Beatdown!

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Lillian Byrne vs Tracy Canon 2 - Tracy's Booty Beatdown!

Unread post by ADarlingDucky » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:22 pm

(Continued from here!)

Tonight had gone from a completely normal night for one Lillian Byrne, relaxing in the catering section of the LAW arena and enjoying some food to being called out to the ring in such a way that she could feel the red hot blush on her face. Not only had Tracy Canon, someone that Lillian had faced off with and beaten in the past, strutted down to the ring and make a point of calling the brunette wrestler out, but she had the audacity to pull up a picture from the end of their last match, the two collapsed together with Lillian's face firmly wedged between her thick buttcheeks!

This callout had incensed the brunette who had been watching from backstage, and she had quickly made her presence known, emerging from backstage in order to respond to Tracy, the two once again getting heated! With the stage set now, both women had agreed to a rematch, this time with a POW stipulation, meaning that the winner was going to take the loser home for a whole night of whatever they wanted! With a very angry Lillian vowing to beat Tracy senseless, and Tracy, ever the flirt, promising to take Lillian down a peg and defeat her using her thick, perfect booty to do so, the two were set to go against each other once more!

With the referee heading down to the ring, both women prepared themselves form the impromptu match that they had gotten into against one another, Lillian staring across the ring at her busty opponent!

"I didn't plan on beating your ass tonight, but if you really insist on waving it around, then I suppose I can't really pass up on the chance to put you in your place again!" Lillian hissed from across the ring, nodding to the referee that she was ready to go, waiting for Tracy to give the all good to the ref so that the rematch between the two rivals could begin!

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