Covering Every Inch: Soledad Vega vs. Suzuya Jukodo

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Covering Every Inch: Soledad Vega vs. Suzuya Jukodo

Unread post by Winter » Wed May 15, 2019 11:48 pm

Beach Oil Match
Rules mostly standard; pins and submission may take place outside of the ring
One body-sized, PVC pool of oil can be accessed in the middle of the ring

What more could LAW do for Suzuya Jukodo? They had already sent her to heaven today, because everyone with good taste knew that heaven was a hot oil match in the sun...any old excuse to have a chance to task her own toned body against another one, with nothing but a sheen of oil to separate them!

The bubbly anticipation that coursed through her insides as she presented her figure to the crowd was presented in every bounce of her body, scarcely contained by her bikini as she skipped, twisted, and found as many outstretched hands as possible with the most glimmering grin on her features. Adding to her eager mood was knowing that the crowd was drinking her up, from her hair flipping from shoulder to shoulder, chest making its own rules under the none-too-strict hindrances of her string top, and legs flashing their tone with every step.

Plus, everything in between, of course. Suzuya flashed a cheeky grin to the nearest fans before she finally pulled her hands away from a constant stream of high-fives and diverted herself towards the ring.

She popped up, running a hand gently over the top rope before turning and leaning against it, ensuring her core...admittedly, not the easiest to see when a girl was strutting her way down the ropes...had their fair share of time glimmering in the sun for the cameras. Suzuya found one in the near distance and gave it a wink before she finally relented, playfully stepping her way through the upper and middle rope. Couldn't let it get too long of a look and pick out a bad angle, after all...

But meh, whatever. Now wasn't the time to worry, now was the time to enjoy rolling around in the oil with-

Trying to build her own sense of suspense, she pointed a finger towards the entrance ramp, before the same hand came up to shield her eyes from the sun so she could see the babe who made her way out.
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