Breaking the ice- Lex vs Allen!

Official Mixed and MvM matches take place here. Women who are in the mixed division can wrestle each other here as well.
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Breaking the ice- Lex vs Allen!

Unread post by SubtleRoar » Wed May 15, 2019 5:50 pm

*Finally preserving a tincture of downtime after working on various sorts of interesting gizmos and gadgets, Lex was relatively excited for his impending bout with an admittedly fetching female, who went by the name of Allen Riley. Both of them had cordially agreed upon this being an "I quit" match, something Lex had initially questioned, but ultimately realized would help in pushing him to his limits. He had reviewed a few of her previous skirmishes prior to their bout, and was admittedly intrigued by her tenacity and impressive grappling prowess- She certainly seemed like a tangible threat for even the most seasoned of veterans, let alone a casual encounter from someone like Lex.* "Hmph, either way, I'll be getting up close and personal with a hottie like that, which is automatically a win in my book~" *He pretentiously scoffed, rubbing his hands together as his mind raced with the various, sordid grappling moves he was more than eager to wrap Allen inside of. However, before his mind could drift too far into his own lust, he heard a knock at the door.*

"Uh...Mr.Dolph, it's time." *Without responding, Lex tightened his boots, threw a handful of jabs at his reflection in the mirror and paraded through the front door, not even acknowledging the existence of the stagehand that stood directly adjacent to him as he bounded out of his room. While traipsing towards the opaque curtain, the self-appointed genius began shooting his finger guns at every, scantily-clad female that happened by, which only resulted in them sighing or groaning upon landing in his crosshairs.* "You all know you want some of this delectable man meat, and once I'm finished with my bout, the buffet will be open for business~"
*Nonchalantly approaching his designated spot, Lex patiently waited for a moment before finally receiving the cue to make his presence known, and much to his complete and utter bewilderment, the vast majority of the audience was applauding him. Perhaps it was opposite day, or maybe he had inadvertently stumbled into an alternate reality; whatever the case may be, he decided to roll with it, stopping to pose and flex before trotting down towards the vacant ring.
*Reaching the steel steps that lead towards the arena, Lex carefully ascended them, each subsequent step creating an audible* "Thud!" *Before slipping his slender body through the gap between the ropes. Finally inside, he approached his neutral corner while discarding his jacket to the outside, allowing his chiseled abs to be on full display.* "Alright Allen, I hope you're ready to experience some Lexual healing~" *He chuckled under his breath, debating on wether or not that would be an appropriate pick up line.*

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