"The Powderbuff" Gisele LeBlanc

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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"The Powderbuff" Gisele LeBlanc

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Ring Name: "The Powderbuff" Gisele LeBlanc
Nationality: French Canadian
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112 lbls
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Deadman

Strategy: Gisele LeBlanc attempts to out seduce her opponent and then use her deceptive strength to break them down.
Style: Sensual/Powerhouse

Preferred Matches: Hentai and Standard
Wrestling Outfit
Other Sexy Outfits
Endurance: 5/5 - Gisele has impeccable stamina and great conditioning.
Strength: 4.5/5 - As far as lightweights go, she is among the strongest.
Speed: 2/5 - Gisele can be speedy if she chooses, but often takes her time.
Defense: 2/5 - She is a bit of a glass cannon due to her size and her poor wrestling conditioning.
Technique: 2/5 - Gisele can't do anything too fancy, but she does enough to get the job done.

Wrestling Stats:
Strikes: 3/5 - Gisele has some strength behind her punches, but is by no means a professional.
Submissions: 3.5/5 - She does a solid job with submissions due to her strength.
Powerhouse: 5/5 - She can usually throw around lightweights with ease and middleweights with little issue.
Aerial: 1.5/5 - She can fly high, but doesn't do it often. Mostly for flair.
Counters: 1.5/5 - Gisele does not grasp the idea of counters and usually face tanks anything.
Hentai: 4.5/5 - Gisele LeBlanc can be a real sexual dynamo, but it can overcome her sometimes.

Signature Moves:

Babe Flattener - Running Powerslam

Buff Bend - Stretch Muffler

Flex On Em - Gorilla Press Slam

Finishing Moves

Perfect Curve - Rack Attack + Torture Rack - Gisele LeBlanc will hoist her opponent to her shoulders for a torture rack before falling to her knees. She then holds onto her opponent and bends them while on her knees until they submit.

Flex Plex - Glam Slam - Gisele will grab her opponents by the arms from behind, lift them up into the air, then slam them down face-first into the mat.


Gisele LeBlanc is a relatively fun-loving chick. She is more concerned with having a good time than winning though, and this often gets in the way of her victories. She can become easily distracted and comes across as kind of ditzy. If someone crosses her though, she tends to become much more focused and tries to crush them with her strength. Sometimes she goes overboard, much to her own detriment. Outside of the ring, she's a rather carefree girl, just always looking to have a good time with anyone.


Gisele LeBlanc was just a girl who wanted to be fit. And with that, she grew to be obsessed over it, vowing to have one of the best bods in the world. Starting as a worldwide fitness competitor, she won various competitions and ranked high in many more. She found the whole thing pretty grueling, and on one of her trips to a competition, she and a few other of her fitness friends ended up seeing a wrestling show. Noticing their physiques and their power, Gisele was immediately in love with it. Excitedly, she left her life as a fitness competitor behind and then started training to become a wrestler.

As she trained, she was also a personal trainer as a way to keep money rolling in. She applied to many different companies before she settled on LAW, thinking Japan might be a nice place to stay and understanding it's a great place to wrestle. Now she competes as a wrestler for LAW, thinking she can have a great time there. She recently adopted the nickname "Powderbuff" for being buff and powerful, yet also being a bit of a small powderpuff. She aims to make the most positivity out of the nickname and forge a unique path in the ring.

Fun Facts:

- Gisele LeBlanc is an expert at all things fitness and nutrition and loves to offer advice on it, especially since she also has a job as a personal trainer.
- Gisele has two sisters and a brother. She claims she is the most fit of all of them.
- Gisele is a bit of a nympho, and she tends to be a bit shameless when someone is ultra fit too.
- LeBlanc might be a lightweight, but she tends to fight with any weight class and surprises them with impressive strength.
- The Powderbuff will always take any opportunity to show off her body and flex her muscles.
- She lives like a bit of a slob. She thinks there isn't enough time in her day to keep her home clean, which may be a bit of an exaggeration.

LAW Information

Record: 3-0-0

vs. Misty Sims via Perfect Curve Submission
vs. Cynthia Hunter via Perfect Curve Hentai Submission
vs. Ossi Shamar via Perfect Curve Submission




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Re: "The Powderbuff" Gisele LeBlanc

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The Fitspirational Fights

1. I debut against Misty Sims, who is just my favorite little bon bon. I gave her a loss that her, and her Instagram followers, would never forget! Silly girl.

2. I face the very delicious Cynthia Hunter in a Hentai Submission match! She underestimated my power, and I won and go to screw her nutty!

3. My next match is against Ossi Shamar who I will love to get my hands on! She was such a deliciously fun time! But I may have had a little bit too much fun when I took her top...!

4. I hold onto Ossi Shamar's top from our match and let her come and find me to get it back. (Ongoing)

5. I face off against the tasty little pop tart Rose Gold! (Ongoing)
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