Mercedes Chauvet

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Mercedes Chauvet

Unread post by Dokki » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:44 am

Proud Lady-Knight:
Ser Mercedes Chauvet

Name- Mercedes Chauvet
Sex- Female
Age- 25
Eyes- Blue
Hair- Black
Height- 5’6”
Weight- 130 lbs (156 lbs when fully armed and armored)
Race- Human
Alignment- Lawful Good

Fighting Style

Mercedes is a skilled fencer, making up in speed what she lacks in strength. As a knight she was also taught to use a lance and bow but rarely carries either on her journey opting to carry only a silver rapier. As for unarmed fighting, though Mercedes was taught basic wrestling techniques consisting of grapples and holds she will generally resort to scrappy brawling attacks such as kicks and punches as she tries to retrieve her weapon, knowing she lacks the strength to best larger opponents.

Special Abilities

Mercedes possesses the ability to ride and fight on horseback, Melee Weapon proficiency with a special emphasis on fencing, carries a Silver Rapier which can damage certain unholy creatures but has no other enchantments, carries a small shiny targe shield with which she can use to parry attacks or bash her opponent into submission, and wears a light suit of armor which doesn’t hinder her speed but also doesn’t provide much protection.
Silver RapierShow
Targe ShieldShow
Finishing Moves

If she still has her shield, Mercedes will bash her opponent in the chest or face to knock them to the ground and proceed to straddle her downed opponent, placing the rim of the shield on her opponent’s throat, choking them until the yield.

If she has lost both her sword and shield, Mercedes will try to out maneuver her opponent and trap them in a rear naked choke hold until they yield.


Mercedes is a lithe and fit young woman with dark skin who has developed lean muscles and tight ads from extensive training as a knight. She has black hair which she keeps cut short in a simple bobbed style. In the field she wears a light suit women's armor, well suited for long voyages. It consists of a light chain-mail shirt, a small breastplate that coyly displays the wearer’s assets, a pair of Iron gauntlets, a pair of couters (elbow guards), Leather thigh high boots which are covered by iron greaves, and a long white cape baring her family’s coat of arms. Under her armor, Mercedes wears a pair of silk thong and bra.
Mercedes ArmoredShow
Mercedes Without Her BreastplateShow
Mercedes UnderwearShow

Mercedes is an incredibly dogmatic individual, viewing everything in the world as either good or evil with no room in between. She lives chivalrously, seeking to right all wrongs and help all those in need. Though it would seem that Mercedes is a genuinely righteous individual, but deep down she desires to be acknowledged and told she has done a good job.


Born to a noble family, Mercedes dreamed of being a knight. Though rare, it was not completely unheard of for a woman to become a knight but her father would not hear of it and forbade her from entering the knighthood. Ever determined, Mercedes, at the age of fourteen, defied her father’s orders and fled to a country in the south where she sought to serve as a squire. Though hesitant, the local noble in that region allowed her to serve one of his lesser hedge knights. Mercedes quickly proved herself to be quite competent and eager to learn. At the age of twenty-one, she was knighted. Mercedes swore to one day return home once she had achieved great success to prove to her father once and for all that she was capable of making her own dreams reality. Thus, Mercedes ventured forth into the world in search of greatness.
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