The dark inside the Noble (open for replying)

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The dark inside the Noble (open for replying)

Unread post by Tybo226 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:19 am

Noble Rose is seen clutching at her head it looks like she's in pain when an interviewer sees her "Noble Rose do you have a minuet" he asked her

Noble Rose nods never a woman to leave her thought out she composes herself for it "what do you want to ask" she questioned the interviewer

The interviewer adjusts his tie asking "After Jess's heel turn and attack on a woman who hasn't even started yet you seemed a bit out of character mad and it looked like you wanted to hurt her why"

Noble Rose grabs the mic "I'll tell you why because she did that for bullshit reasons she did all of that over nonsense and got someone who had nothing to do with it hurt both physically and mentally I fear she may just quit before ever getting started yeah I'm mad but also Jess you've awakes something in me I thought I buried years ago and soon enough she'll come out when she does LAW will see the dark side of me the dark hero that dwells you'll see the beast from the underground" she said handing the mic back to the interviewer before walking off clutching her head
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