Robin Mendez

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Robin Mendez

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Name: Robin Mendez
Age: 30
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6'2
Weight: 145
Nationality: Brazilian
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Entrance music:

Personality: Robin is interested in herself and her own interest first and foremost. Capable of forming bonds and making allies all they seek to serve is fit her own agenda and she will happily abandon said ties at the drop of a hat if they become pointless to maintain or keep. Though she is smart about said agenda, carefully planning at all times Robin doesn't care about getting an instant satisfaction if she can benefit herself in the long term and is a consummate liar who takes matters into her own hands only when she sees fit to do so. Though because of her confidence she isn't afraid to be cocky about herself or her success.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Robin's cocky attitude leaves her unafraid to take the first hit and she usually tries to take control from an early going. How she goes about things from there usually vary on the success of said start, usually using her big frame to retrain or force opponents in holds at her leisure while also being willing to strike it out if needed, though she isn't as good as that as she'd have you believe, though if you let her talk she'd have ive a lot. If push comes to shove she can and will cheat to get an edge over her opponent.

Preferred Attacks: Stomps, torso and limb submissions, smothers.

Preferred Matches: Matches with loose rules.

Attitude To Hentai: "Yeah I'm sure you'd all love that wouldnt you?"

General Statistics
Endurance 3 - She prefers not to be hit too many times and does her best to avoid it, though that's mostly for vanity rather then weakness
Strength 3 - Robin isn't the strongest gal around but has more muscles then most would think from a first glance.
Speed 4- Robin's speed lets her get away with most of her offense, being able to hit an opponent and keep on the defensive or even move away before any trouble comes back to her.
Defense 3.5 - Goes hand with her desire to take e damage as possible. If she can avoid it or counter it, she will.

Signature Move
Spinning Top: Robin goes for an Overdrive neckbreaker

Finishing Moves
Lights out Monday:: Robin lifts up her opponent for a Package Piledriver and drops them hard onto the mat or floor.

All Night Sunday: Robin forces her opponents arms into a straight jacket and puts them into a Dragon Sleeper choking them with there own arms while she uses her free hand to work the body anyway she sees fit.

Hentai Finisher:


Born in the city of Sao Paulo, Robin had seen the best and worst of Brazil by the time she was 8, and when push came to shove usually found herself embracing the worst. Though wealthy already her father was always one looking to acquire more and more money and Robin was taught to be the same cause no matter how much you got, there's always more to take and if you never feel satisfied, you'll always be driven to push beyond your boundaries. This mentality became Robin's whole world and soon when she was old enough she began seeking power for herself rather then her daddy's hard earned money though her dad gave her a small loan to get her started Robin made sure it was paid back with interest soon enough. Starting her own business Robin was quick to push out the competition anyway she could, even ones that remotely looked like a threat she made sure to put the squeeze on before long, with enough business expertise and enough knowledge of any local criminal underworld she made a name for herself as Nico o Guerreiro elegante under the less public circles.

Though no matter how good you are your bound to have some competition when your starting out, she met her's against an equally stunning, cunning and ruthless individual Boa Silva who seemed to be her counterpart in every way, and remained that way for 5 years. The two constantly dancing around each other's turf growing a similar hatred but respect and desire to keep up the game, though said game ended after Robin and Boa sought a sponsorship with a local and growing wrestling company SWL, both making offers exclusive that proved hard for the owners to decide. They decided for them, agreeing to a local wrestling match with the owners as the only witnesses, using all her skills she had learned from training as a fighter before hand and trained wrestlers paid to help her win the match Robin and Boa put up a more then formidable battle, one that ended sadly in Robin's defeat costing her turf and making her look weak compared to Boa herself.

Humiliated and forced to withdraw her offer, Robin had to suffer as Boa proceeded to control the next 2 years of the feud any victory Robin achieved was either outdone or undermined by her rival soon after who did little to hide her joy at the victory and for awhile it looked as if she would soon own everything Robin had worked to build, something she could not allow but knew she stood no chance of winning it back the way things were now. So instead of fighting her in Brazil where Boa had become too strong to match she started taking her business ventures elsewhere with contacts she had made that Boa was limited in and went to japan for wrestling business' her pride refusing to let Boa's victory in Brazil keep her from controlling one. Eventually getting the backing of the company CWF Robin convinced there owner that the make business was to invade other companies which she had them do by invading the Boa sponsored SWL and attempting to undermine the company with superior wrestling. with both companies as there playthings the war was reignited between the two only this time Robin proved more efficient when after 6 months of the invasion handpicked teams fought for control of the company and Robin and the CWF came out on top completely consuming the SWL and all its assets, of which Robin quickly made sure Boa got the boot as well.

With her success there and the CWF fully in control of its self and fully functional Robin enjoyed her big win before her growing ambition nagged at her. She wanted more and noticed LAW had an abundance of wrestlers she could sponsor...or if they didn't see things her way takeover. Either way she met with them as well and they surprised her by giving her an offer she couldn't refuse, having seen her wrestle as it turns out her match with Boa want as exclusive as she thought, they said to work for them as a wrestler for a time and the would gladly do business with her without her having to pay a dime for them to do it. It was almost too easy....

None so far.





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