LowDefinition's High Definition Girls

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LowDefinition's High Definition Girls

Unread post by LowDefinition » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:41 pm

Notes :
- I may be slow at times, but I'll make sure I can finish our threads
- Unless noted, they're free for any matches.
- Yes, I do notice that I need to finish writing most of my girls' history, blame my procrastination for that.
- I may disappear, but before I do, I will try to make sure to tell beforehand and estimate how long till I return.


Kanata Yamamoto

A veteran wrestler who is reluctant to reveal her past of hardcore matches. Available for any kind of matches except Hentai.


Haruka Tatsumi

The younger half of the half sister pair. Overconfident of herself, but easily embarassed. Available for any matches except Hardcore.

Annette Tatsumi

The older half of the half sister pair. Her confidence is almost similar to her younger sister but she had the skills to back it up. Available for any matches.


Patricia 'Pengy' Wilson

A young girl who have an obsession towards penguins. Available for any matches except hardcore.

Tag Teams
Tatsumi SistersShow
Double the trouble with the sisters paired up. They aim for the tag team glory.
I maybe Low Definition but my girls are... High Definition.

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