Katsuragi Tanaka

170+ lbs / 76.657+ kg
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Katsuragi Tanaka

Unread post by egerke » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:51 pm

Name: Katsuragi Tanaka
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 185cm (6’1”)
Weight: 90kg (198lbs)
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance musicShow
Wrestling information:

Strategy and style: Katsuragi will aim to weaken her opponent with punches and kicks before getting close to finish them off. In hentai matches her sex drive means she is easily aroused which can get her a loss but she is outstanding in endurance matches as she can keep going even after many orgasms.

Endurance: *** Average physical endurance, huge hentai endurance
Strength: **** Katsuragi is a powerful wrestler
Speed: *** Decent but nothing special
Defense: **** Relies on punches more than blocking but can get out of ground holds well enough
Technique: *** Decent all-rounder, but relies more on power than finesse

Match types: Hentai, Hentai endurance, any erotic match
Hentai attitude: Loves it

Favourite moves: Punches and kicks early on then anything to get her close to her opponent

Signature move:

Tornado Spindle: Balances on her hands and sends a whirlwind of kicks against anyone nearby. Most effective against multiple foes or foes with high endurance to suffer several kicks before going down

Cross Panzer: Charges at her foe and unleashes a barrage of kicks constantly forcing them back, often knocking them out in the process (powerful finisher)

Personal info:

History: Katsuragi was born in Japan to a rather average family living in Kyoto. Early on her life, she discovered two interests, one for martial arts and one for other girls. The traditional Japanese fighting sports had too much mumbo-jumbo about being focused on defense and too many barriers in front of a real fight in Katsuragi's eyes, so instead, she shifted her attention first to kickboxing as she wasn’t afraid to actually hit hard and get hit hard. At the same time, her interest in other girls grew, to the point where she would often disguise herself as a boy to get her hands on hentai manga video or anything else of the sort. The two interests clashed when she was invited to a grappling tryout by one of the other girls in her kickboxing group. The closeness that the sport required was too much for her to keep her cool at the time leading to her getting thrown out for inappropriate attacks. From there she turned her attention to pro wrestling a combination of kickboxing she was already good at and the grappling moves that had her huddled together with her opponents. However, as she worked to not get thrown out of every group she slowly developed a state of mind that let her wrestle without getting too aroused. Though it took a conscious effort to get into and was not unbreakable. Eventually however Katsuragi found LAW with its erotic matches where she would finally no longer need to hold back.

Personality: Katsuragi is an overwhelmingly friendly girl, ready to chat to anyone, however, she commonly launches sexual advances, constantly making suggestive comments or even groping friends and foes alike, and never minds if her advances are returned or if someone else starts something of the sort before she gets the chance. She doesn’t really care if this behaviour scares people away from her, holding back would be too much effort for her. If she finds a similar friend, however, she is ready to go to any lengths to protect them and in general, she is likely to stand up for the underdog in an unfair fight. She can get distracted by a sexy opponent in the middle of a regular match as well, though a good test of strength is one of the few things that may suppress her lewd thoughts since in matches she is able to focus her mind. As long as her opponent doesn’t intentionally distract her.

Wrestling attireShow
LAW Information:



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