Astrid Ostberg vs. Cali McCloud - #1 Contenders Match

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Re: Astrid Ostberg vs. Cali McCloud - #1 Contenders Match

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A heated bout between two rising stars in LAW's heavyweight division culminated into a heated back and forth on the outside! The stadium filled with cheers and reception as McCloud managed to send Astrid straight through the table! Unfortunately, as exciting as the match had gotten, the exchange ensued in a double count out, leaving ambiguity as to which of the of competitors would go on to challenge the champion Linda, if any. Such a turn of events warranted intervention. And as the referee called the match and fans scratched their heads in anticipation of what this would mean for the heavyweight championship, the appropriate party would make his presence known.

"Yikes. Normally these types of things don't happen around here. This is one of the last places I'd want to see a match end in a draw." A deep voice echoed throughout the arena. The tone of voice conveyed rhe speaker's ambivalent, conflicting feelings over how things transpired in this match.
A tall, dark man appeared near the entrance ramp. His suit and microphone suggesting his presence was warranted somehow. The scarcely seen founder, owner, CEO, and general manager of LAW, Dan DeFranco graced the stage with his presence. He kept his distance from the ring, holding his microphone close as he spoke.

"You'll have to forgive to me, ladies. Unlike typical GM's, I don't typically have to play an active role. Most of the wrestlers I hire really only get to see me when they sign their LAW contracts...."

"I'll be brief. Since the both of you are clearly bent on seeing your quest for the heavyweight title seen through to the end. And since neither of you was able to defeat the other this evening, despite the fact that Cali's in better shape here..." He continued, gesturing broadly at the scene of the aftermath at ringside.

"We'll simple have the Linda's next title defense take place at our next pay per view event, We Are LAW 2020, in a triple threat contest. Astrid Ostberg versus Cali McCloud versus Linda Halloween!!!" Dan finished with a firm nod. Although he wasn't often stern, his word was LAW in this promotion. And when he did speak, the organization and his employees were expected to listen.

"Good luck to all 3 of you. Show the roster, the fans, the whole world exactly what LAW's heavyweight division is made of!"
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Re: Astrid Ostberg vs. Cali McCloud - #1 Contenders Match

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Astrid may have gone down, but she was still conscious - she just didn't exactly have a leg to stand on at the moment. Recovering from going crashing through the table, Astrid groaned sorely, shaking her head to try and collect herself. Eventually, she gathered the strength she needed to push herself up to her feet, bracing her hands on the sides of the shattered table to support her weight. But by that time, the ref girl had already made her proclaimation.

Astrid, however, was left bewildered; if they were both counted out, who was going to advance to face Linda for the championship? "What!?" she gasped, as she stepped forward. "But then, who's going to-"

The Norwegian was silenced then, as the CEO of LAW made his entrance in the stadium! Astrid turned around to face him, wide-eyed and giving her full attention as she took a step back. She huffed as he acknowledged Cali to have come out of this more stable - though, she had just had to push herself back up from crashing through furniture. But it was that fact that Astrid was able to recuperate that called the results into question. Luckily, Dan was here to set things straight...

...and Astrid wasn't at all bothered by his verdict! Smirking with an energy that seemed unusual for a woman who had just been slammed through a table, the blonde looked back to face Cali and Linda. "So it is, then!" Astrid brought up her fists, cracking her knuckles to ready herself for the challenge. "Cali, you've shown yourself to be a worthy opponent to my strength, and I anticipate facing off with you again. And you, Linda - to be in the same ring as the Heavyweight Champion herself is a true honor. But I have no doubts that I can best the two of you! I would not be where I am now if I had no faith in my physical prowess. And I will put that to the test!"

Result: Tie via Double Count Out

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