Lilliana Antiqua - The Titaness / The Heiress

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Lilliana Antiqua - The Titaness / The Heiress

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"Force. Coercion. Diligence. Deceit. By any means necessary. All shall know and respect the Antiqua name."

Basic Info:
Age: 27
Eye Color: Red (contacts)
Hair Color: Purple (dyed)
Weight: 187 lb
Height: 6’ 2”
Alignment: Heel
Nationality: American
Entrance Music: Hajime no Breaking - J Weapon


Wrestling Style and Background:
Contrary to most people who find themselves turning to wrestling at some point in their lives, Liliana was fairly well off. She had grown up in an upperclass family and been afforded the opportunity and material goods she desired throughout childhood. She had always wanted to take part in anything she could get herself involved in. Anything from classes on etiquette and mannerisms to gymnastics and track and field, she aspired for success in each of her endeavors during her upbringing. The family was small, but it's members were all quite esteemed and successful in their own regards. Regardless of whatever career or profession they pursued, each of them saw to it they achieved success and left behind a legacy. Many of them were notable scientists and business folk. A generation before Lilliana's, many of the Antiquas great cooks and politicians.

Lilliana wanted her career path to be somewhat different from that of her family's. While she did have a strong affinity for academia, she has always prospered in physical activities. Something that the rest of her family in her current generation couldn't quite say. None of the Antiquas were great athletes. After finishing college, Lily trained and honed her skills in the fist thing she could get her hands on. A boxing gym had opened up in her city and she took to it to train. She achieved great success on the minor circuit. Earning KO victories in all her matches before finally happening upon another prodigious young talent like herself. With her desire for success driving her to the point of tunnel-vision Antiqua stooped to cheating in the match, using her palms to open her opponent's guard so that she could score the definitive KO punch. It was the first time she had truly lost herself in the moment and found herself resorting to any means she could grasp to move on from her current standing and continue getting her name out there. Unfortunately, her actions yielded the opposite effect, denying her a chance at boxing at a higher level and blacklisting her as a cheater in the sport. The officials disqualified her, and upon reviewing many of her matches in addition to the most recent one, banned her from competing in the WBA. After taking some time to think about her actions, she eventually caught wind of professional wrestling, where such actions and dedication to victory wouldn't result in her being forced to quit. She immediately began training for a little over two years to develop her skills in the ring and finding a moveset and style beyond the simple striking she picked up in boxing. She uses her size and strength to get the better of opponents when she can. And will attempt to cut opponents of similar size down with a strategy composed of foul play limb targeting. She will often improvise with whatever strategy she deems will be most optimal and efficient, which is helped by her ability to perform most moves at an adept level or higher (outside of aerials). Her goal in the ring is to demonstrate her superiority by means of a convincing victory. No matter the means, Lilliana will often do more than what's necessary to show that she and her legacy definitively outclass her opponents.

Liliana has become a formidable fighter in her own right. Now the Titaness is bent on expanding her family's legacy by prospering in a territory unfamiliar to them: the world of professional wrestling. And she's determined to do this by any means necessary.

Liliana's default demeanor is one that is cold and reserved. She is often quite calculating, choosing to not to initiate discourse or pleasantries except for when she feels there is something to gain or when she feels it will be to her benefit or an adversary's detriment. Lily will stoop to almost any means to get her way, whether it means afflicting foes mentally, emotionally, or physically. She will use her victories and successes to assert her family name and spread word of them and gauges her success in doing so based on the level of the general reception. Be it good or bad, as long as there is a reaction, she feels she has done her part. She considers herself and her kin to be a cut above layfolk in every regard and stands by those notions staunchly.

Outside of wrestling, she typically spends her time training and sparring regularly and engaging in small hobbies that include wine tasting and binge-watching Netflix series. Though she is hesitant to admit to the latter. Despite her tendency to behave like one, Lily is actually not a loner. Though any and all friends she had prior to coming to LAW were a result of her family's connections and being born an upperclassman.

Finishing Moves:
Running European Uppercut

Ko Punch

Sitout Last Ride Powerbomb

Triangle Choke

LAW Accomplishments/Accolades: None yet

Friends: Sandy White
Rivals: Jessica Wright
Enemies: Nariko Hirano
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