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Back by Popular Demand

Unread post by winner3 »

Hey, guys. Just another one of those apology posts about having been inactive the past few days on discord and on the forums. For the few weeks I was in between jobs but now I've found something to keep me situated. As part of getting onboarded, I went on a business trip with the new company and that's what kept me busy for the last two weeks. Although it was tough being somewhat occupied, there were some good points to the impromptu trip.

For those of you who know me a little more personally, you might know that I work as a software dev/programmer for a living. After finishing up at one job and beginning a search for another, I realized that I've written a crap ton of code, applications, scripts, and database queries for big banks, businesses, and corporations. Like so much code. And it dawned on me exactly how many things I've written that I simply do not care about. So I promised myself that from now on, as I'm writing code to make a living, I'd remember why I got into programming to begin with, and write apps and scripts for things that I DO care about.

This led me to take a few days to myself and write a bot that would (try) to keep track of everyone's matches.

Now that I've finished writing it and now that I'm finally back home and settled, I'm gonna move on to writing code for more of my own personal projects (vidya games), as well as writing my posts!

Currently trying to get to everyone. Thank you all for bearing with me both as an admin and as a fellow roleplayer.
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Re: Back by Popular Demand

Unread post by anime_hentaifighter »

Hey it alright Winner , and wow no wonder the site is so amazing since you do write code for an living. Hope to do something with you soon , but for now glad your back , and hope your projects go well

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Re: Back by Popular Demand

Unread post by xalex »

great to have you back big man <3 did miss you

hope everything works out alright

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