Jem Holland vs Cali McCloud

Analogous to a pre-show, these preliminary bouts precede the action on the main card. See for this topic a full explanation
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Re: Jem Holland vs Cali McCloud

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The third count came and cemented an embarrassing loss for Jem during this PPV undercard. Cali had won handily, showing up her capacity to at least floor Jem, who had seen her fair share of LAW matches, when given the chance. Jem laid there delirious as McCloud face sit pinned her and went on to rest her foot on Holland's ample bosom to the sound of cheers around the arena.

The flamboyant gamer girl would come to a minute later, after Cali had already offered her a chance at redemption and left the scene. She staggered and stumbled. Her bare feet pitter-pattered against the canvas as she found her footing on the ropes. Jem winced as she looked at the stage where Cali had already exited. The defeated blonde gave a determined nod as if to accept the offer for a rematch, to which fans responded.

"Jem! Jem! Jem! Jem!" They cheered.

Jem would raise a fist in the air and smile as she hobbled her way out of the ring, exiting the arena with her head held high and a mission to get one over one Cali McCloud.....

Winner: Cali McCloud via pinfall
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