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121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Rei Tachibana

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Personal Information
| Name:

Reiko 'Rei' Tachibana

| Sex:


| Age


| Hair:


| Eyes:


| Height:


| Weight:


| Nationality:


| Alignment:

Wrestling Style
| Attitude:

- Reiko has a laid back, cool personality, borne from when she realized that she enjoyed the more ‘softer’ side of wrestling other women. Despite this, coming back to LAW awaken her competitive side as she does her best to not only enjoy all of the pleasure she can get in a match, but also to out fuck her opponent.

| Strategy:

- Before retiring as a professional wrestler (the first time), Reiko focused on wearing down her opponent with her amateur wrestling skills, wrestling them down to the mat and soaking and draining their stamina before attempting big moves to slam them and weaken them for a pin while outlasting them with her great Cardio. Now as a focused Hentai Wrestler, Reiko focuses on gropes, breast rubbing, and crotch attacks in order to shape the match in her favor. Despite a focus in sexual wrestling, Reiko still has the knowledge of legitimate wrestling in her blood and can still break out a very technical ground based wrestling along with surprising power moves.

| Form:

- Hentai Technical

| Favorite Match Types:

- Anything with Hentai
| Normal Matches Stats:

| 8/10 | Strength
| 6/10 |Defense
| 8/10 | Technique
| 7/10 | Endurance
| 6/10 | Speed
| 9/10 | Stamina

| Hentai Matches Stats:

| 8/10 | Strength
| 7/10 | Defense
| 8/10 | Libido
| 9/10 | Technique

| Difficulty in Matches Stats:

| 5/10 | Normal
| 7/10 | Submission
| 3/10 | Hardcore
| 8/10 | Hentai

| Favorite Moves:
Bear hugs, Belly to Belly Suplex, German Suplex, Double Leg takedown, smothers,
| Standing Sixty Nine |
- Holding her opponent upside down, Reiko begins to eat out her opponent’s sex while standing. For a ‘legitimate’ match, she squeezes her opponent to add both the lack of air and blood rushing to the head to force her opponent to submit.
| Backdoor Victory |
- Placing her head between her opponent's legs, she rising up with her opponent pointed down towards the mat while against her back before sitting out for a back to belly sitout piledriver.
Physical Appearance
| History

- Coming from the country side of Japan, Reiko comes from a family who had a rice paddy farm and worked the fields between school. At first she was fine with the idea that she was going to just settle in and continue working her family’s lifestyle, but her parents were adamant about her finding a higher calling life and told her to explore as many possibilities as she wanted in order to find it. It took up until High School before Reiko found the one thing that could possibly be the calling that her parents wanted to find, Amateur Wrestling. She and her younger sister, Saya did a lot of wrestling in the rice paddies while slacking off (when their parents were around) and seeing the other students do it, made her think that it wouldn’t be too hard to pick up. She quickly found out that she was quite ‘experienced’ for an untrained wrestler. She did so well that eventually she got picked to represent their school for regionals, won it and moved on to nationals in the big city. Her first big excursion to Tokyo, she was in marvel at how it was so different from her small town, it felt like she was in another world. Although she didn’t win the national, against plenty of beautiful girls, she was approached by someone who called himself a Professional Wrestling Manager. Reiko was confused at why he came to her as she was amateur wrestler and also about the difference between ‘Pro and Amateur’, but the Manager was quite stubborn about talking her into considering a career in professional wrestling and took her to one of the shows before she would leave back to her small town.

There, she became vexed by how different the styles were. There was so much more to Pro-wrestling that put it on a entirely differently level. She was sold at that point, agreeing to undergo training to make the jump from Amateur to Professional. First, it would all start after graduation but that was another year off. With her mind focused on becoming a pro-wrestler, she began studying as much as she could in her final years of high school. Attending as many sessions as she could squeeze in, to make the jump much more fluid she soaked in as much of the basics she could, no one going past that until she graduated high school. Knowing that she was going to go away for a long time, Reiko decided to spend some time at her family on their rice paddy farm until the call came in for tryouts. Her sister really wanted to spend time with their usual rice paddies matches, that they haven’t had a chance to do since they got into high school. Deciding to rekindle a past time with her sister, she decided to wrestle her as many times as she was able to before getting the call for her tryouts. It started off normal, Reiko and her sister wrestling in cut off sleeve t-shirts and short jeans, but with each time they wrestled Reiko noticed that Saya would continually try to grab at her shirt or shorts or suggest they lose their clothing and jump down to their bra and panties.

Reiko knew what her sister was trying to accomplish, though she knew better she didn’t want to outright say no to preserve her sister’s feelings despite knowing that it was amoral, trying her best to hold it off as best as she could, but her sister was determine and adamant as she finally relented and agreed to wrestle in their bra and panties. But her sister wanted more and after a few times, things got heated between them where Saya ripped off her bra. Reiko’s feelings got the better of her and she stripped her younger sister back as they wrestled topless, their bare breasts mashing against each other as they groped the other’s tit. It was her first encounter with another woman’s body this raw and intense. She actually liked it. But knowing that it was her sister that she was experiencing this with caused her to repress those feelings. Saya put up a fight more so than usual, Reiko having to exert everything that her body had to put her sister down. But in a way, she liked the bonding moment with her sister as they ended up laughing at the end of it. She was a little worried however, when her sister mentioned that next time they should try it out naked. But thankfully, the call came the next day and she was off to pro-wrestling training.

Training was harsh, but Reiko could handle it. It wasn’t long before she impressed the trainers and got her first match within the first year at the age of 18. From there it was all up for Reiko, making quite the name for herself with her sound and fluid mat based wrestling. For seven years she impressed crowds and older wrestlers to where they thought that she was going to be a big thing in the wrestling world. However, as suddenly as she decided to join wrestling, just as suddenly she decided to quit.

There was a lost of fire for the woman, at the age of 24. Or rather there was another fire that was brewing in her. She had realized at this point, having rolling around with other scantily clad women that she had a thing for women. Such tactics that would mirror what she and her sister did to each other did not fly in the world of Women’s Wrestling. She didn’t want to continue with something so physically taxing along with her indecisiveness of how to handle her new found feelings about other women and decided to leave the Pro-wrestling world. Not long after she left, she wasn’t sure how, but someone knew of this and offer her a unique job. Being a pornstar fighting other female pornstars in sexfights. She wasn’t quite sure about how this would translate, but at the same time she couldn’t ignore the burning desire in her. So she accepted and rocked the porn world. Many were baffled by this choice, but at the same time a lot of her fans, noticing her interesting quirks in the ring against other women, tuned in to see their favorite rising star, bearing it all against other women. The videos of her against other starting out pornstars were quickly popular, making great sales that exceeded all expectations plus more as more and more videos of her against other women were quickly made, allowing Rei to indulge on her womanly desires with other women. Eventually she was going up against other famous names in the porn world, and win, lose, or draw she was getting paid very lucratively along with simply enjoying the fight that only women could experience as they fought to make the other cum. Some times as many times as it took. Eventually because she was involved in all of these sexfight videos that the company shelled out money for her, she became the most well paid pornstar termed ‘sexfighter’.

While she was off during her porn videos at the age of 29, she became aware that there were more women’s wrestling promotions that did the same type of ‘matches’ that she was doing in bedrooms, fields, and anywhere the company paid her to go. She became intrigued again in the women’s wrestling world. Any respectable promotion would most likely deny her return to the square circle now that she went into the world of porn, but with these new promotions, what would legitimately stop her? Along with her womanly desires, the wrestler in her was craving to get back into the ring. She had some wrestling connections she still had despite leaving the business, and getting into contact with one certain man, she was able to secure a deal with LAW as being porn star there was nothing saying she could go back to wrestling.

| Personality

- Reiko has a cool and calm demeanor, her fire of wanting to be the best burnt out during her first run as a wrestler, now that she had taken a step back and had a career of porn to fill her bank account she has no particular rush to succeed in life besides the simple goal of saying ‘because I wanted to.’ She has a very agreeable personality, never having much to argue about and even less to be angry about. Reiko has very little to hide about herself, feeling that there’s nothing to really hide once you bared it all for a porn video.

Though there is one thing that could be considered a flaw in Reiko’s otherwise cool demeanor. It’s that when it comes to her family, specifically her sister, she is indecisive when it comes to personal matters. Despite knowing that her sister’s ‘interest’ was wrong with her, she didn’t have the heart to let her sister down with a no and chose to wait it out to see if it would pass by like a phase. It did not.

| Trivia

| Achievements

| Record
- Wins
Vs. Suzume Sheska in a Smother Match
Vs. Eirina Makishima for the Hentai Championship in a Hentai Match
Vs. Karla Reidhardt in a Hardstyle Hentai 2 out of 3 Match

- Losses
Vs Masako in a 2 out of 3 Hentai Match
Vs. Laurukka Koshinen in a Submission Match
- Draw
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