Sienna Smith

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Sienna Smith

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"Let's you and me mix it up! We'll have all kinds of fun, I promise ya" ;)

Basic Info:
Age: 22
Eye Color: Brown (but wears red contacts)
Hair Color: Black
Weight: 155 lb
Height: 5’7”
Alignment: Tweener
Nationality: American
Entrance Music: Die Young

Appearance/Wrestling Attire:
(will typically remove glasses before the match begins, they are for show/style)

(On the Beach)


(Outfit she wore to her old office job)

Slams/Power/Strength: 4/5
Strikes: 3/5
Submissions: 4/5
Aerials: 3/5
Technical/Counters: 2/5
Stamina/Endurance: 4/5

Wrestling Style and Background:

Sienna had worked a highschool internship at an office for a finance company until she made it to college and was accepted as a full-time employee. Having worked the job for many years and earned herself a stable living, Sienna felt that things in her life had gotten fairly routine. In an effort to make her life more fulfilling, she began thrill-seeking. Her quest for the rush she was looking for was short-lived when she stumbled upon an add for a wrestling charity event. Thinking nothing of it until she actually, arrived, she assumed that it was an add to watch the event. Upon closer inspection, she discovered that it was an advertisement seeking a combatant to help fill out the card for the charity wrestling event. Because no one else showed up, and the promotion was desperate for wrestlers, they allowed her to compete. The woman she worked with that night saw talent in her and decided to refer to to LAW.

After spending a few months in developmental, the higher ups decided she definitely had talent to take her far, but she suffered from laziness. Sienna got all the basics down rather well. There was no area she was lacking it in when came to moves, but she didn't see the need to push things to the next level. Adding corkscrews to moonsaults or snaps to suplexes just seemed like unnecesary work to her. Unfortunately, this was also accompanied by a lack of desire to familiarize herself with technical wrestling and develop the know-how to counter certain moves or chain wrestle. Still, with these faults, Sienna still proved to be formidable for her fellow wrestlers in developmental territory. And thus, she was given the green light to join the roster.


Sienna's not much different from the average college girl her age. She can be impressionable and rash at time, swayed by worldly desires like money or clothes, but she does try to do what she feels is right, within reason. She she's proud of her talents, wherever they may lie, and self-conscious of her faults. She will can often wrestle for the right incentive, of attempt to goad others into putting something on the line when they wrestle her, whether it be pride or a material possession. Smith will often default do doing what she wants, leading her to scrap with others for all kinds of different reasons, both logical and questionable.

Signature Moves:

Suggestive Pins, often done with teasing or kissing


Victory Roll


Finishing Moves:

-Jumping Sitout Piledriver

-Texas Cloverleaf Leglock

-Impaler DDT

-Curb Stomp

LAW Achievements/Accolades: None yet

Rivals: Gabriella Guerrero
Enemies: Alaina Sanders-Haines
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Re: Sienna Smith

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Match History/Character Timeline: 2/2/0 (Wins-Losses-Draws)

Sienna Smith vs Alaina Sanders - Sienna learns she'd been booked against an old veteran that she thinks should hang up her wrestling boots for good.
Result: Win via Pin fall (Ama-bomb, Alaina's finisher)

Sienna Smith vs Alaina Sanders 2 - Backstage Brawl - Sienna gets word that the GM wants to see Alaina perform better. Sienna attempts to capitalize on this by getting permission to rematch Alaina in an anything-goes Backstage Brawl. Sienna plans make short work of the Amazon to get her in even more trouble with management!
Result: Loss via Pin fall (Scoop Slam on concrete -> Standing Splash Pin)

Sienna Smith vs Gabriella Guerrero - Sienna finds a rival in the cocky Mexican vixen, Gabriella Guerrero
Result: Loss via Submission (Texas Cloverleaf)

Challenge Accepted! - After resident LAW Punkette Katsumi Oshiro issues an open challenge, Sienna calls her out to accept hers. A match on Sienna's terms: a bikini match!

Sienna Smith vs Leah Knight - Sienna makes short work of a debuting wrestler, teasing and playing with her in ways befitting of the ebony beauty
Result: Win via Pin fall (Leah's Moonsault was countered into a Tombstone Piledriver -> Grapevine Pin with Kissing)

I'm Onto You! - Sienna finds a British beauty in the gym, but when she tries to come onto her, Tracer calls her out for abusing other wrestlers the way she did Leah. With her cover blown, Sienna lays her out with a DDT before running off. Thus setting up a future encounter.
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