Diana Accera

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Diana Accera

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Diana Accera
"The Gaze Into The Sun"

Real Name: Diana Accera
Nicknames: None
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 165 lb
Nationality: Italian
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music
[First Entrance Music]-Monster By Skrillet
[Current Entrance Music] Cage The Beast By Adelitas Way

Recognises past AFW talent and relationships, depending on their own canon.

Tall, toned as hell and with long raven haired, Diana is as much a prize fighter as she is an absolute beauty. Rarely seen smile yet difficult to annoy, the Italian raven is nigh completely dedicated to fitness. That, and being the best possible competitor she can be.

Diana is cold, to put it nicely. Whilst not a typical, cocky, "I'm better than you" heel, Diana seeks only the thrill of an opponent; a woman that can match her move for move, strength for strength. She next to never taunts, and is about as likely to respond to a taunt, comment about her body, or sexual manoeuvre as she is hug her opponent after her match. When she rarely finds a woman that can truly push her, a different, battle crazed side of Diana emerges, demanding that her opponent continue until both women drop. When a woman doesn't meet her standards, she will quickly run through them like the Italian Amazon she is, although is often open to further meetings beyond the standard rematch, in the hopes that her opponent has come back stronger than ever.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Diana will push at every angle of her foe endlessly; from strikes, to submissions, to the occasional use of flexibility or even luchadore behaviour. Given that she will only step into the ring with those she deems equal, the Italian will never hold herself back; going full speed without restraint. This is to not say she is foolish-infact, Diana's ability to completely withhold restraint often leads to the Italian quickly discovering methods of attack from angles her foe may not of even considered. She is however, what she would call a parody of wrestling. Where as one would rely on their martial arts background, as one would expect Diana to rely on her boxing, she is happy to abandon it in fights altogether when the scenario was right. 'The wrestling ring is for wrestlers, after all' as she puts it.

Style: Finesse Based Control
Type: Technical Powerhouse

Preferred Attacks: Diana will use every bone in her body to ensure victory, using strikes, kicks, holds, submissions and slams all with outright flawless exchanges between. She will rarely use her figure or weight to gain advantage, preferring strength over such. She would sooner die than ever utilize dirty methods of victory.

Preferred Matches: All, with a special love of K.O based bouts

Attitude To Hentai: "The ring is for fighting, not fucking. Accidents happen though."

Physical Statistics

General Statistics
Endurance:★★★★★ - A powerful frame and pure determination makes Diana last the distance.
Strength:★★★★ - Strong and knows how to use it best.
Speed:★★★ - Great cardio for her size.
Defence:★★★★ - Rare to lose guard.
Technique:★★★★★ - Incredible striking and submission range.

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes:★★★★★ - Rarely out struck.
Submissions:★★★★ - Knows alot of holds and how to make them hurt.
Powerhouse:★★★ - Prefers control over random demonstrations of power.
Aerials:★★★ - Can fly when she needs to.
Counters:★★★★★ - Rarely outsmarted and rarely taken down.

Match Ending Moves

Signature Moves
Italian Anaconda: Standing Waist Scissors.

Wishbone: Adjusted Stretch Muffler.

Greek Strike: Custom Strike Combination.

Finishing Moves
The Italian Lance: Gorilla Press Spear.

Accera Wrench 2.0: Adjusted Dragon Sleeper.
Wolf Lock: Cattle Mutilator.

Diana Accera's Beginning
Born the third youngest of eight children, Diana's youth was far from tragic but often troubled. A poorly raised household meant that Diana often spent her youth fighting with her siblings. A tiny girl at youth, Diana often found herself finding the short end of the stick, ending up with her leaving said scuffles with more bruises and black eyes than the rest. Defiant always, she'd repeatedly come back, fairing better and better every time until it was her atop her brothers during their fights.

An early love of all things combat sport related soon stemmed from this, to the point where Diana's academic performance would suffer; skipping classes altogether in favour of catching a local fight or sparring session. Soon leaving school early outright, she found herself utterly committing herself to her love of the fight, not only enrolling in several self defence classes, but excelling. Early into adulthood, Diana took it upon herself to step through the ropes themselves, putting padded glove to fist in the efforts of fulfilling her thirst. Again, she performed admirably, quickly excelling yet again and soon becoming a local attraction of sorts in her home city of Catanzoro. Soon enough however, the relative safety and repetitive nature of the world of boxing turned away a woman who years prior, would have abandoned her family simply to gain her foot in the door. The reason was obvious. She simply felt she needed more.

Familiarising herself with the act of wrestling, both mat and professional, Diana's thirst soon began to be quenched. The full body contact, the unpredictable nature of the match, the fact every opponent was as unique as the last. Diana had found her calling. With little support for the sport in Italy however, she soon found herself travelling to Japan, funding both the trip and her living arrangements from her success in boxing.

She hasn't looked back since.

Debuted Into A Title Match.
Past Tag Tournament Contender.


Alaina Sanders: Despite the fierce rivalry, Diana considers Alaina one of the few people in wrestling she can truly turn to. She takes pride in not only keeping up with her veteran friend, but aiding her in every which way, sparring both her and her cohort Tina Armstrong on a regular basis.



Naturally, soon!


Main Wrestling Attire
Gym Attire
Unique Underwear
Casual Attire
Formal Attire
Posing With Mako
After Workout
Fighting Cecilia
Versus Karen
Action Shot 1
Fight 1
Fight 2
Fight 3
Fight 4
Fighting Mariya
Fighting Suzuya
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Re: Diana Accera

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Year One
Return To Form
  1. Alaina Sanders - Backstage
    Diana runs into her closest friend. On her first day back, no doubt!
  2. Tina Armstrong - Gym (Featuring Alaina Sanders)
    Offering her services quickly, Diana spars with an up and comer.
  3. Blaise - Beach
    Diana meets the locals. Things get saucy.
  4. Middleweight Open Thread
    A Tournament is announced. Diana makes her intention known.
  5. Alaina Sanders - Gym
    Excelling at her training, Diana and Alaina hit the gym.
  6. Angela Guillot - Backstage
    Diana makes a rival. And gets punched in the face.
  7. Sylvie Leblanc - Custom Rules Match (Multiple Falls Via KO/Submission)
    Diana finally steps into the ring.
  8. Brenda Gardner - Bloodsport! (Special Event Match)
    Diana looks to leave a mess.
  9. Mako Adachi - Shopping
    Diana meets an adoring fan.
  10. Hikaru Sawazaki - Standard Match
    Diana seeks momentum.
  11. Alexia - Deathmatch
    Diana dips her feet in deathmatch waters!
  12. Sylvie Leblanc - Apartment Meeting
    Diana opts to clear her head...
  13. Sandy White - QOTB Match
    Diana jukes it out on the sands.
  14. Captain Mizuki - Spar
    Diana spars the competition, and unwillingly finds herself a student!
  15. Jessica W - Standard Match
    Things get violent, even for Diana.
  16. Tina M - Standard Match
    Tina and Diana are throwing down in standard fashion.
  17. The Queens - Backstage
    Diana is made a target of.
  18. Trent S - Mixed Standard Match
    Diana debuts in the mixed division.
  19. Delta H - Standard Match
    Diana gears up for her comeback.
  20. Amber - LAWLESS Title Hunt
    Diana's luck takes a turn. For the better.
  21. LAWLESS Title Defence
    Diana's attempts to reach safety with the belt hit the wayside.
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