I'm aliiiiive!

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I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by Winter »

...but I was only about halfway alive there for a while. Remember when I was sick but I came back for a day or two? Well, it was walking pneumonia, and I relapsed and had to spend some time in the hospital and in bed rest.

That put me behind on everything in the world, and to keep from boring with details, robbed me of time to come here.

But I wanted to let you know that I'm not totally gone, and I have taken a bit of time off to recharge the batteries, so all should be good for my having time to do some posting now! Sorry to all the people who were waiting (and let me know if stuff has lagged too far behind for you to still be interested, I understand how that goes).

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Re: I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by CyanDimitrik »

Welcome back! Wow, I think the last time I saw you, I didn't have a single female character. o.o
Message me! I'm happy to hear from you!

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Re: I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by Fairy Dragon »

Oh Geez thats terrible! Rally glad things worked out. and dont worry about things, im still interested in seeing our match through if you are , im just glad your okay.

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Re: I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by winner3 »

Really happy to hear you're ok Winter. I'm sorry you were ill for so long. We hope you're well on your way to full recovery!
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Re: I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by Teenwrestler »

Woooo welcome back :) glad to know you're feeling better! Im still interested to continue our thread if you are

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Re: I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by Caboose2.0 »

Ugh I skimmed this at first and read "I was robbed" and then "hospital" and I immediately thought you got stabbed T_T

Pneumonia isn't good though, hope you're recovering well!

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Re: I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by Devilish53 »

Welcome back bud!

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Re: I'm aliiiiive!

Unread post by anime_hentaifighter »

Glad to hear your feeling a bit better

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