Irelia Xu

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Irelia Xu

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Basic Info:
Age: 28
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Bluish-Black
Weight: 161 lb
Height: 5’11”
Alignment: Tweener
Nationality: Chinese-American
Entrance Music: Lunar Revel

Appearance (Typical In-Ring Gear):

Irelia's family immigrated from China when she was young. Growing up, she'd find that aptitude wasn't something that came naturally to her in many walks of life, but if she did have any talents, it was her ability to rise up and overcome with practice. Whether it was academics sports, etc, she was always able to succeed in time if she kept at it, even if she wasn't immediately great at something when she first picked it up. She took pride in this ability and incorporated it into her demeanor. Irelia would support herself and others in working hard towards their goals, whatever those goals might be. While she had empathized with stories where hard work triumphed, none seemed to touch the modern day audience, the youth in particular, like the traditional story of a face wrestler that would succeed over circumstance and antagonists by keeping at it in steadfast fashion.

Xu would get into professional wrestling with the intention of being that face - the paragon of courage in the face of danger and circumstance. With her heart set on being the type of hero to the casual audience that she knew she could be, the Chinese American woman trained herself and her body for several years before trying her hand at the pro leagues. After proving herself against pro wrestlers in their own gyms, she branched out and earned the right to compete in the big leagues: at LAW!

Irelia believes that discipline opens all paths. Her diligence and perseverance are nearly unparalleled. And it is through her capacity to work on herself continually and face adversity that allowed her to become adept in many facets of wrestling. She is a woman with grace, poise, and class. And she aims to cement her legacy with virtue as opposed to the desperation and malice that so many justify their success with. Irelia believes that growth stems from adversity and that the more push-back you get, the greater you will rise when you finally overcome it.

Finishing Moves:

-Blue Thunder Bomb (Spinning Powerbomb)

-Shooting Star Press

-Shining Wizard Kick

-Rear Naked Choke

LAW Achievements/Accolades: None yet

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