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Lexy Alan - Show Host/Interviewer!

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Wrestler Profile - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=929&p=13348#p13348

Basic Info:
Age: 20
Eye Color: Brown (but wears green contacts)
Hair Color: Green (dyed)
Weight: 132 lb
Height: 5’4”
Alignment: Face
Nationality: American
Entrance Music: Spirit Awake - Saga

(Main Showhost Attire)

After wrestling several matches, upper management at LAW sought to capitalize on her fan following. Despite coming up short time and time again against various foe's, Lexy's cute looks, optimism, and baked goods kept her popular. And where there was popularity, there was marketability. After her match fourth loss, she was approached by Dan DeFranco, LAW Owner with an offer to renew her contract. Under new terms, she'd only wrestle part-time. Her new main focus would be running a regular installment of show in which she ran over recaps and highlights of LAW matches.

Job Description:
Lexy's gig will have her invite guests or do her show solo whilst she recaps recent LAW events. LAW-Rewind is brought to you by AlanCorp - purveyor of baked goods and snacks! Bear in mind that views expressed on the show are that of Lexy's or her guests. If you don't like what she's said about your wrestling or your performance on a given night, take it up with her on her show or in the ring!
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