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Name: Linda
Age: 19
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Red
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 84 lb


Entrance music:
Alignment: Heel
Nationality: American
Finishing move: Halo/Diving DDT

Personality: A desperate thug. As a girl with a criminal background, and little wrestling experience, she goes into this endeavor almost as a garbage wrestler. She, as of the moment of signing her life away to this contract, is as close to a backyard wrestler as you can get. She's only in it for the money, and with little talent, and a scrawny, less-than-athletic body, she will throw herself, literally at everyone and everything, for money. This isn't about putting on the best show. She's entirely greedy and desperate. She won't spend more time in the ring than she has to, and will only make allies if they benefit her. Certainly a treacherous, dangerous, unpredictable girl.

History: Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, Linda was always a rough child, often broke, and living a life of crime to get by. Upon losing the leaders of her Crime Syndicate, she, the former Underling was left with nothing to fall back on. As such, she looked for any possible way for a penniless former Criminal Underling to make money. As such, she came across Professional Wrestling, and after going around with some contacts, she made some contracts, and sold her soul to get her ass beat--I mean... Beat ass... for money. With no training, and only a base idea of how to even wrestle, she's signed a contract to LAW, with intentions to... Win, lose, or draw, get noticed and get as rich as possible, with her own body as collateral.

Some Tasty Wrestling Information!
As mentioned beforehand, Linda is an absolute noob. She knows the most basic of moves. Boston Crabs, DDTs, etc. Emulating that which she sees everyone else doing. Where she truly excels is smacking the crap out of someone, and flying really, really high... Really...really... far. Perhaps a hybrid of a brawler and a high-flier, she seems to throw all caution to the wind when it comes to trying to make end's meet. However... When I said she loves to beat the crap out of people... That's not always with her scrawny little arms... Sometimes, she needs a bit of help! That's where weapons come in! Linda would absolutely love to break another person, with a weapon. After all, it would be that much more satisfying to her ego. However if an opponent is too tough, she's not afraid to get down and dirty, and cheat in any way she can possibly think up in that criminal brain of hers. She's definitely tricky and dangerous if you don't know how to deal with her. Regardless, here's a little bit more wrestling information!

That Finishing Move I mentioned: The Halo/Diving DDT, as previously mentioned.

Her only real Signature Move so far: A Moonsault, as beautiful as it is deadly. She'll do it anywhere, off the ropes into the ring, to out of the ring, off the barricade, off a stage. Anything it takes to WIN!

Her favorite weapon: You don't see this much, do ya? But after all, it is said that she wants to beat the crap out of people with foreign objects... And her favorite object to do that with is... A Steel Pipe. If she manages to get ahold of this, you may find it a lot harder to get back up after a hit. Definitely a match ender, definitely something you should struggle to avoid, after all... It's not her fault if your pathetic, weakling ass, dies from her hitting you with a pipe! It's WRESTLING~!

((P.S. Might have slipped a bit of personality and such into history, regardless, her story is the reason for her personality, and vice-versa. So they go hand in hand, ying and yang, capiche?

Always up for editing a few things. However do know, this is the base, starting version of Linda, who is going to grow and develop as a person and a wrestler through this journey. I can't wait to see where LAW takes her. Whether her career leads to GARBAGE or GRANDEUR! I can't wait to see.))

((P.S.S. I wanted to be a bit...personal with the Wrestling Information, kind of a description, kinda talkin' right to ya, y'know? If this isn't alright, I'll make it more professional. Just thought it added a bit more character.))
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