Lillian Byrne

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Lillian Byrne

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Name: Lillian Byrne
Age: 25
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 164 lbs.
Nationality: American
Alignment: Heel

Personality & Past
Born to a poor off family as the second of two children, Lillian Byrne came into the world in poor circumstances, as right after her birth, her father happened to pass away after a terrible car accident, leaving behind a single mother and two kids. Growing up with only her mother providing for herself and her sister, Lillian didn't have the best relationship with her mother. The strain of being the only one taking care of the two girl caused the mother figure of the Byrne family to have a poor relationship with her children, often resentful of what she considered to be an unfair situation, one that she couldn't control. Lillian herself was a timid and shy child, and often had to have extra care, her sister usually stepping in to help. The two of them were incredibly close, but even as much as her sister helped her, her mother's attitude towards her did Lillian no favors. Lillian lacked guiding figures in her life, her only sort of guidance coming from her sister, who often played games or sports with her, the two frequently watching wrestling together, as Lillian loved it.

With her mother simply providing essentials and her sister doing her best, but having her own life to live, Lillian had to fend for herself. Keeping quiet and to herself, she didn't seem to attract much attention, except in what would be considered the wrong way. Bullies honed in on her eventually seeing her as an easy target, and for a while, Lillian became a victim to school bullies. She did her best to cope, avoiding them and having her sister step in when possible, but after a while, it became clear that like most other things, Lillian would have to take care of herself. With a preliminary knowledge of wrestling, Lillian came to school one day, and beat her bullies into a bloody mess. Her rage anger and sadness and pain from her childhood welled up in one massive act of violence. It was shocking to many, cathartic to Lillian, but when it was all said and done, the girls she had crushed were seen as victims, and Lillian the bad guy. After the humiliation and pain that she endured at their hands, the idea of them being the good girls that suffered from a horrible monster? It cemented the idea in Lillian's head that there truly was nobody out there besides her sister who she could rely on.

Despite the consequences that she faced, Lillian had gained an aura of fear around her, and the people that had picked on her never did so again. A shell began to form around her, with Lillian realizing that gaining power helped her become better off, and so she began to attend a wrestling school, learning how to handle herself in any kind of physical altercation that she'd get into. Despite worries from her sister, Lillian slowly hid the old, timid her, and became a foul mouthed, hotheaded bitch. Upon finishing school, a new problem arose. Lillian had no plans in mind for the future. But soon enough, her sister would once again offer guidance for her.

The elder Byrne sister had accepted a job teaching in Japan, and seeing the violent and foul tempered person Lillian had become, wanted to help, if even a little. So she offered to take her along, and suggested to her that she might find success in pursuing a career in wrestling, something she'd held interest in her entire life. Lillian accepted immediately, and the two sisters headed off overseas, ready to pursue a new life together. Soon after they made it, Lillian's sister began her teaching job, and Lillian was able to show her stuff, quickly earning a spot in the prestigious wrestling organization LAW, ready to show the world the strength she possessed! Meanwhile, her sister simply hoped that she could one day overcome her past and break that shell to go back to the sweet girl she had been before...


Lillian's personality when she was younger was a sweet girl, talkative even if she was a bi on the shy side, always willing to share with and entertain others. Her personality after she began to build up a shell around herself is quite different. She's loud and crass, often saying exactly what is on her mind with little regard for how others feel about it, sometimes even doing so to provoke a reaction from others. She's quick to resort to violence and rely on her physicality to solve problems!


Strategy: Lillian is not one to devise a cunning strategy to get to her opponent. Instead, she uses her power and a lot of brute force to get what she wants. Despite being a middleweight, she is strong enough to be able to throw around most heavyweights. She does know a decent amount of submissions, able to bend foes in a few ways.

Preferred Attacks: Slams, Suplexes, Basic/Power Submissions

Preferred Matches: Last Woman Standing, Submission, "I quit," and Standard

Attitude towards Hentai: "Fucking. No."


General Stats
-Endurance: 4/5 - Above average, though she's not keen on taking a beating or having a back and forth match.
-Strength: 5/5 - Her greatest asset, and what she has the most of.
-Speed: 3/5 - Has a tougher time with speedier opponents. Doesn't like having an opponent out of her control, though she is relatively fast.
-Defense: 4/5 - Is tough enough to handle a good amount of offense.
-Technique: 2/5 - Not the best at fancy maneuvers or controlling her opponent. Has a basic knowledge of wrestling techniques and submissions, but doesn't always use it.

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 3/5 - Very unfocused and sloppy, however if they connect, will have an opponent seeing stars.
-Submissions: 4.5/5 - Basic knowledge of submissions. Has a preference towards power holds, like torture racks or bearhugs.
-Power Moves: 5/5 - Her main form of offense, and what she knows best. Prefers to slam and suplex her opponents, and is able to throw most everyone around with relative ease.
-Aerial Moves: 1/5 - There will most likely never be a day where Lillian even steps up to the second turnbuckle.
-Counters: 3/5 - Able to power out of some moves, but isn't very proficient at stopping her opponents from doing something if they've already gotten started.


Signature Moves

Sit-out Powerbomb

Sit-out Piledriver

Atomic Drop

Torture Rack
Bearhug + Wedgie

The Barbie Crusher: Lillian lifts her opponents up, so that they're legs are wrapped around her waist. She then threads her arms under theirs, over their head and laces her hands behind her body. This acts as a submission, since the opponent's body is compacted, however, if they refuse to submit, she will drop to her ass, crushing her opponents body, before going for the pin.
Liontamer: Lillian will approach an opponent who is laying on their back, grabbing both of their legs under her arms, before turning them over, as if applying a boston crab. However, she will lean back even further, putting her knee on the back of her opponents neck, stretching them until they submit.


Friends: None

Allies: None

Rivals: Rena "Black Tiger"

Enemies: None

Crushes: None
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Lillian Byrne

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Record: 5/0/0

1. Lillian Byrne vs Bianca Valentine - Win via Submission (Bianca tapped to Lillian's Liontamer + ab claw combo)

2. Lillian Byrne vs Kohaku Kariya - Win via Submission (Kohaku tapped to Lillian's Liontamer)

3. Lillian Byrne vs Karen Meadows - Win via Pinfall (Karen was pinned after Lillian's Barbie Crusher)

4. Lillian Byrne vs Dynamite Rin - Win via Submission (Rin tapped to Lillian's Liontamer)

5. Lillian Byrne vs Tracy Cannon - Win via Submission (Tracy tapped to Lillian's Liontamer)

6. Lillian Byrne vs Rei Tachibana - Ongoing

7. Lillian Byrne vs Tracy Cannon 2 - Ongoing

8. Lillian Byrne vs Tina Armstrong - Middleweight Championship Match -
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