LAW Loser's Championship

This section will be used to record relevant news related to championships, and to provide a reference of wrestlers able to challenge for titles.
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LAW Loser's Championship

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1) Title announced for the Pre-Show of the We Are LAW PPV.
Anzu Mizaki and Karin Shin will be forced to compete to decide the inaugural LAW Loser's Champion.

2)Anzu Mizaki defeats Karin Shin at We Are LAW 2017, making Karin Shin LAW inaugural Loser's Champion.

3) After complaining to management, Karin Shin fails to make them decommission the belt denoting LAW's worst, most pathetic wrestlers. But she is given a chance to lose the belt via a title match against Rebecca Watatsumi.
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Re: LAW Loser's Championship

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1. The two losers for the loserbelt title match were introduced

2. Karin shin vs Prism Girl Anzuat we are Law 2018 in the preshow for the loserbeltchampionship here
Loser: Karin shin

3. Karin shin complains how the match ends and wants a second chance to lose the belt here

4. Karin shin vs Rebecca Watatsumiat we are Law 2018 in the preshow for the loserbeltchampionship here
Loser: Karin shin

5. Karin shin bumps into trouble backstage here

6. Karin shin vs Lillian Bryne on Law of love in a bed match in the preshow here
Loser: Karin shin

7. Miss nata picks now opponent´s for Karin here and here

8. Three-way elimination match for the loser belt title: Karin shin vs Lauren Frederick vs Holly Matheson here
Loser: Holly Matheson and the secound ever Loserweight champion, first ever title change in law

Timestamp: 27.09.2019
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Re: LAW Loser's Championship

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1. Holly Matheson ‘wins’ Loser’s Championship at We Are LAW 2019, defeated by Lauren Fredericks and Karin Shin in a triple threat [See Above]

2. Miss Nata comes to ringside, berating Holly for losing and starting an impromptu match, which Holly loses in seconds via elevated DDT, cementing Holly’s place as the bottom bitch of LAW.

3. Holly has her first photoshoot as the new ‘champion,’ with LAW photographer Katsu Yoshida. It does not. Go. Well.

4. Summoned to a remote location, a well-meaning individual tries to help train posh Holly in an area that she is woefully lacking: [ulr=viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4261]lewd wrestling[/url].

5. An attempt to unwind anonymously at a nearby bookshop goes horribly awry, but Holly finds a possible silver lining … a challenger for her title, in the form of Suzume Sheska!

6. We Are LAW 2020 rolls around, and Holly Matheson faces Suzume Sheska in a Photoshoot Match for the Loser’s Championship … a match not only for the belt, but with ample opportunity to immortalize what could be the most humiliating night of one young woman’s career!
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