LAW Heavyweight Championship

This section will be used to record relevant news related to championships, and to provide a reference of wrestlers able to challenge for titles.
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LAW Heavyweight Championship

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1) Heavyweight Championship Tournament and Qualifiers announced to determine the Heavyweight Champ.

2) Tournament finals match between Alaina Sanders and Linda Halloween in the main event of the LAW of the Jungle 2018 PPV to determine the first LAW Heavyweight Champion.

3) Linda Halloween defeats Alaina Sanders in that same match to become LAW's inaugural Heavyweight Champion!
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Re: LAW Heavyweight Championship

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1.) Heavyweight tournament of 8 fighters to determent the first ever heavyweight Champion here

2.) Alaina Sandersvs Linda Halloweenat Law of the Jungle 2018 in the final of the heavyweight Tournment here
Winner: Linda Halloween

3.) Linda Halloween gets challenged by Dixie Clements for her title here

4.) Linda Halloweenvs Dixie Clements in a weekly TV show here
Winner: Linda Halloween

5.) Linda Halloweenvs Grace Kenning at the We are Law PPV 2019 here
Winner: Linda Halloween

Timestamp: 27.09.2019
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Re: LAW Heavyweight Championship

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After her match against Grace , Linda had issued an open challenge which was accepted by two wrestlers. Those wrestlers were Astrid Ostberg and Cali Mccloud which would lead to an number one contender's match between the two while Linda sat on commentary (ongoing)

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Re: LAW Heavyweight Championship

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With the number-one contenders match leading to a double count out, both of the challengers were set to face Linda at We Are LAW 2020, a match that saw the title passing to Astrid Ostberg.

6.) Linda Halloween vs. Astrid Ostberg vs. Cali McCloud at the main event of We Are LAW 2020.
Winner: Astrid Ostberg

7.) Astrid says a few words about her championship win the week after We Are LAW 2020.

8.) In a LAW Magazine article, Astrid announces the European Grand Tour, a series of title defenses on the European independent circuit. Her matches are documented on her Twitter page.

9.) Astrid returns from the European Grand Tour to say a few words, revealing for the first time that her title matches on the indies were all contended under the stipulation that she was to leave LAW if she lost. However, Jess Mcleary, an old rival, emerges to challenge Astrid for We Are LAW 2021.

10.) Astrid gets called from backstage by Karen Starring to issue a challenge, only for the Norsewoman to silence her in her tracks.

11.) During an interview on Kieda's Corner, Jess reappears and a brief altercation ensues. It is here that Jess declares their upcoming title bout will also see Astrid forced to leave the promotion if she loses her title.

12.) After weeks of buildup, Astrid Ostberg takes on Jess Mcleary at We Are LAW 2021 for her first LAW title defense.
Winner: Astrid Ostberg
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