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Layla Vale

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Name: Layla Vale
Age: 23
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'7
Weight: 132
Nationality: Canada
Alignment: Heel

Fighting style: Fast and vicious, relies on speed and agility to get the advantage and willing to resort to anything at her disposal should that fail her. A vast variety of kicks, high flying moves and holds to wear down an opponent.

Preferred matches: Anything she can humiliate her opponent in
Say goodnight: Layla traps her opponent in a triangle hold and chokes them out.

Made to suffer: Layla holds her opponent in a head scissor while facing the other side and forcing there head up to watch them struggle while messing with them
Vale heights: Layla goes for a phoenix splash on a down opponent.

DDT Driver:  Layla grabs her opponents arms and lifts them up before dropping them on there head.
Layla was born in the Quebec, in a middle class family under a normal boring household. She had typical issues in school and life, nothing really extravagant which for her was the problem. She never really found much enjoyment in anything and put on a polite and cute face because she was supposed to, never really caring about anything as she tried to find something that interests her. Trying various sports that only brought her a few moments of enjoyment due to the competitive feel she struggled to find anything that clicked for her. Then one day things changed as she was brought to a live wrestling show that was taking place near there, her parents being wrestling fans they couldn't refuse and she had nothing better to do. She had fun but nothing really caught her eye until a rather brutal match between a two women that turned brutal, the vicious heel destroyed the perky face and soon the girl the people were supposed to be rooting for was crying and begging like a baby at this monsters mercy. The crowd hated it...but Layla had her eyes glued on the action and was wondering what she would do the girl next, how much could she take, would she stop? It went on for roughly 5 more minutes as this face was beaten down to the point she had to be carried out while the heel had the most satisfied smile on her face, that mirrored the one on Layla was sporting at the same time, a spark was lit under her that day.

She had tried wrestling before sure but at school it was the amateur kind so nothing that ever got close to what she saw and even her self defense and mixed martial arts fights were stopped to avoid it getting to far. So she decided to take things to a different level, and picked a fight with the school bully for no reason, well no good reason. Stepping in and pretending to give a crap about the girl she was harassing she interfered and the cocky bitch actually tried to knock her teeth out and actually got a few good hits in but eventually she knocked her down and out with the teachers getting involved afterwards to stop her from going to far, but even this didn't stop Layla as she simply snuck in while she was resting in the school nursery by herself and finished the job, making the girl beg and plead while Layla tore her apart and made her stay quiet about the visit. She got to play the hero, she had her fun and no one really knew her true intentions...needless to say it was a good day.

Never before had she felt so alive and afterwards its like things changed. She stuck to the nice girl images as getting rid of it never seemed to be a smart idea, but when she could the mask would drop and it typically wasn't good for whoever saw who she really was. And it almost became a second life to her, people saw a girl with some wrestling training and a few god fighting skills with a big heart. Unaware of the cold and calculating, ready to fight at a moments notice whos trained extensively in wrestling just for the chance to take her and anyone else down. Though her interests did not go unnoticed as Marissa Keys, her manager and later friend. saw her fight and due to the nature of the business saw right through her façade. But rather then call her out on her manipulation she instead chose a different path, offering a contract under her employ which Layla accepted in a heartbeat.

Personality: Layla has the outside attitude of a warm and kindhearted girl, willing and able to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. That however really only scratches the surface of who she is, while capable of being legitimately nice she really doesn't care much for formalities and over time simply wants to satisfy her desire to fight an break down an opponent. That being said she usually tries to keep the idea that she is a good person and while she's quick to jump on the chance to hurt someone she tries to find an excuse to do it first.
Too eager for a fight
- serves as her managers assistant/bodyguard of sorts for extra pay. Its the closest relationship she has that's not with her parents.
- Still keeps in touch with her parents and has a healthy relationship with them, they don't know about her antics but her mother suspects something is up.
- Despite her vicious behavior she doesn't consider herself a bully, mostly because she doesn't usually hurt people who don't deserve it on some level...usually...
- Still loves to do things unrelated to fighting such as shop and paint her nails.

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