Linda Halloween.

170+ lbs / 76.657+ kg
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Linda Halloween.

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Name: Linda halloween
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Eyes: brown
Hair: blond
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170ibs
Nationality: Flat Rock, Michigan
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Living in America by James Brown

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Just keeps hitting her opponent till they give up or pass out
Style: wrestling
Preferred Attacks: Big Boot , Clothesline , Dropkick , German Suplex , Leg drop , Flying Elbow Drop , Shoulder Tackle , Gorilla Press , Punch , Stomps , Stinger Splash , BackBreaker , Sleeperhold , Boston Crab , Hip Toss , Samoa Drop and Spinebuster
Preferred Matches:Normal , NHB , Falls count anywhere , TLC , Messy , I quite , Humiliation ,

Finishing moves:

Fear the ocean (Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex)

Little woman (a sitout powerbomb)

hentai finisher
Exciting leap frogShow
. Linda would either first grab her opponents lower so her nimble fingers could rub their pussy or hit the move and then lick it (Faith Breaker) Image

wearing outfit


Linda is a bit of a airhead as she only interested in strong men and woman and beating them in any way she can as she would face them in the ring or bedroom so long as she gets to have a good time.

She is also very proud of her country and will never let someone get away whit insulting it so be careful not to insult the good old USA when she is around.


Linda would grow up wanting to do two things and they were joining the navy and becoming a pro wrestler and she success in both as she would become a second Lieutenant in the reserves and underwent and successfully finished navy seals training. While she was part of the reserves she would have started training to become a pro wrestler and became the best woman in her company before going to japan and competing in Jipang Women's Wrestling Federation where she fought against wrestlers like Justice Asuka and Tiger Cat among others.

While she had some great matches while she was their her biggest rivalry was whit Justice Asuka and despite giving it all she had she was never able to beat the other woman when it actually means something.As for the two years she was there Asuka was the champion and she seemed to only be able to beat the Japanese woman to earn an title shot but never actual to become one.

From their the blond when to many different wrestling organisation and while she earn praise and got a fanbase anywhere she when it Always ends the same. As it did not matter if the former SEAL when for a secondary title , tag title or world title she would never be able to say she was the champion during her career.

After leaving the latest organisation the American was considering retirement but when she got an offer for an wrestling organisation she never heard of.After a bit of research Linda would learn that this new organisation had just started and wanted to bring the best of the world to compete for their organisation. The offer was an contract for one year and the blond made a promise to herself that if she had not won a title before her contract was up she would retire and hang up her boots for good.

Still to her own surprise the blond would end up winning the LAW Heavyweight Championship tournament , and as an result became it inaugural LAW Heavyweight Champion. With the title also came the offer to upgrade her contract which she accepted after much consideration.As her new deal was that the blond would wrestle for LAW for the next 4 years unless a serious injury would take her out of action.As the American got a taste of gold , and she wanted more.So she would set her sights on every title the could earn while competing in LAW.

Fun Facts:

While she was a good soldier she was discharged as her body actual distracted the others during combat situations.

Organisations she had bin in Include AWL , AFW , DPW , Jipang and EWCW

LAW Information


Number of matches: 5
Wins: 3
Losses: 1


Winner of the Heavyweight Championship tournament , and the inaugural LAW Heavyweight Champion (current Champ)

Match History

After Dan appeared on the titantron the match was made.Herself vs Dixie for the heavyweight championship.Ongoing
6 Linda was Celebrating her win when Dixie would ruining her celebration.
5 After a long tournament , Linda finally has an chance to make her dream an reality as she hopes to win the first title in her career as she face Alaina Sanders in the finals of the Heavyweight championship tournament.Result winner by pinfall , and became the inaugural LAW Heavyweight Champion
4 Semi Final of the Heavyweight Tournament vs Nariko Hirano.Result Victory as Linda now goes to the finals.
3 The Quarter final of the Heavyweight tournament vs Red Widow.Result Victory
2 Linda's attempting to qualify for the heavyweight tournament. Linda won , and qualified for the tourament
1 Debut match. LWS 2017 Round 1. vs Erin Quinn. Result defeat
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